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TDNG Camp Breton

Jul 22, 2019 by CalebDaBoss
It looks like this season’s plot is gonna be very similar to its original series Savanna Smackdown and Victor and Nurse Hilda are probs gonna be a thing (and they’re probs gonna both be disqualified and will be kicked off by the boot together lmao) also Cove chose some of the best background music for this season which I’m so happy because last season’s background music SUCKED
My Current Cast Ranks
1. Michelle
2. Winona
3. Jay
4. Raven
5. Belinda
6. Will
7. Julian
8. Anika
9. Kevin
10. Porter
11. Victor
12. Bonnie
13. Caroline
Also Derek is booted (literally lol) so I won’t include him in the rankings but based on how he acted this episode he would be in hate between Bonnie and Caroline

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