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Updated ETN prediction I lied

Jul 11, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
Currently dead
JC Ep 2
Roi Ep 3
Teala Ep 4
MatPat (I actually am shook) Ep 5
Next dead Colleen she is strung betrayed edit Ep 6
Dead afterwards Safiya (srry girl but you actually seem to be floating a bit) Ep 7
Dead after that Mortimer x Calliope Ep 8
Dead next Nikita Ep 9 (she is definitely the Alex/LeLe of the season)
Survived Ep 10
And MatPat is revived like in fight of the living dead season 2
So my prediction is the twist is that there are 3 survivors instead of 2 as joey said there are many twists

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