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Unfriended Dark Web Some Things

Apr 7, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
there's 7 characters instead of 6 unlike in the first unfriended
Brit (aka Damon)
and btw one of the characters (a girl) is confirmed to die by a drill to the head (i think it's Lexx or Serena)
and it has TORTURE PORN
and it will be Rated R for bloody horror violence, terror, disturbing material, and for strong language.
i think the bootlist is this
Killed 1st AJ
Killed 2nd Serena
Killed 3rd Lexx
Killed 4th Nari
Killed 5th Brit
Killed 6th Amaya (robbed queen of being deaf)
Killed 7th Matty (the dumbass who if he wouldn't of stolen the laptop he wouldn't of been in this movie in the 1st place)

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