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  1. this site is going to hell
  2. i never raped anyone
  3. the difference between survivor and big brother
  4. more proof
  5. proof i never said that
  6. i'm so pissed rn
  7. kk
  8. Friend Request vs Unfriended vs Unfriended Dark..
  9. never play big brother with camp kids
  10. the funny thing is
  11. List of relatives that were on reality tv
  12. does anyone else
  13. my god
  14. the best one liner ever
  15. Alone Season 1 Results
  16. Alone Season 1 Cast
  17. for the record
  18. EtN 3 Another Updated Prediction lol
  19. what am i supposed to do?
  20. Reality comps I’m good at irl
  21. EtN 3
  22. another camp story
  23. EtN 3 Updated Prediction Again
  24. that whole saying
  25. Big Brother 20 first prediction
  26. this new big brother cast
  27. Hi I'm back
  28. there's so many people in this stars
  29. i'm gonna be gone
  30. can he get banned already
  31. my mom is so embarrassing
  32. i was so pissed last night
  33. That dick
  34. i don't get it
  35. me When
  36. Ok fuck you
  37. Unfriended Dark Web a few more deaths
  38. Unpopular Opinion
  39. Unfriended Dark Web Death #2
  40. unfriended dark web criticism


Feb 14, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
I just experienced a prom-posal for the first time
Yikes it was cringy as fuck right during the middle of a pep rally too


I’ve made a lot of them:/
Sent by Shimmmer,Feb 14, 2018

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