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Something to get off my chest...

Apr 12, 2020 by Bonkers
I’m gonna try to make this brief but I don’t need anything from any of you. jdog , day 1 they put a leadership necklace around your neck, I go 39 days struggling to find a reason that you deserve that title, and you did nothing.  You did nothing with your team, you did nothing to encourage them, nobody on that team had any guts…you’re responsible for that. BBLover96, this hurts me, we had NOTHING in common.  You played a non ethical game, admittedly played a non ethical game.  The crazy thing about it is, you’re sitting there, I’m standing here.  Did you get to the right place by behaving the wrong way?  I’ve never been in this situation in my entire life where that was the case, but you sit there proud of it. jason_2_12 , people will call you weak, people will say that you’re undeserving…but you know what?  Why are those characteristics any less admirable as lying, cheating, and stealing?  Why does he get a free pass, but your wrong way of playing is admonished?  If there’s one thing I learned in this game, it is that perception is NOT reality.  Reality is reality, and you are sitting there and that makes you just as dangerous as any one of those guys there.  You would probably say that you are the least deserving of the title of soul survivor.  But maybe, just maybe, in an environment filled with arrogance, delusional entitlement, maybe the person who thinks that he’s least deserving is probably the most.  You didn't get my vote; but we all know you will win.


we love erik cardona
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