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Oct 10, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
for an opinion <3

xMountain22x - Hey! I like you, you're really nice and funny. I would love to talk to you more so we could build a better friendship with each other. We haven't been friends for a long time but I do feel close with you!

yarn - I don't think I really know you, but I've heard of you and a lot of your friends are friends with me. We should talk one time!!

BengalBoy - You're such a king!! I enjoy talking to you and think you're hilarious. Your blogs are definitely some of my favorite blogs on here, they always make me laugh! You're sooo iconic and we truly need to talk more. We are in a skype chat (i think) together, but we don't really talk to each other in it. Love you <3

rory17 - WHO? i dont know you..
But really, you already know how I feel about you dumbass. I love you so much and we got really close in stars and we are both team loyal xo. You're such a wonderful person to talk to and you are very funny as well. I'm annoying af but you still can be fake to me for like a week and a half and I love that.. We have the same friends mostly and we don't like the same people.. dad.

FireWolf - Gunther, ilysm. We might not talk a lot but we are loyal to each other in games and when we do talk it's a nice conversation. You are a really chill person and I love that about you. You don't care much about games and you don't take them very seriously and honestly that's a great part about you. :)

GoodKaren - Karen you're such a queen.. I love me. You*, sorry xo! You are always so nice to everyone, which, even for me is hard and I can be an ass a lot. You care about everyone and I don't understand why people get upset with you. I think you're funny, loyal, and overall a wonderful person to be friends with. Ily <3

C00LDUDE1000 - KING! We don't talk THAT much anymore but we used to talk quite a lot, and we were great friends (I still consider us great friends). You are a great person, and loyal af as well. I love you being obsessed with being a noob..
We were both in the ACTIVES frat, and that got us very close (I really only joined because of you), we played 2 stars as well, and we NEED to play another one maybe.. Both times we played one of us got out early and it didn't work out. Tysm for always supporting me in games, I do the same for you. <3


sure :)
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Aaliyah :)
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bigbrotherdonny love you bro. no bromo
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@bigbrotherdommy sure
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