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Here is the definition

May 10, 2024 by BbDamian
of genocide that you told people to look up Funny:
the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

in your blog, you stated people moved out of other countries and moved to Israel. You did not indicate people were killed or murdered with the intention to destroy a nation, since you did not say the countries listed above tried to kill/destroy another country/group of people. Just giving you the definitions you asked people to review.


Israel is trying to destroy Hamas. Not all palestinians.
Sent by LizzoBigGirl,May 10, 2024
Israel is killing literally everybody in the way of trying to get rid of Hamas and it's not a whoopsy accident, you have videos and footage of them killing children on a playground what more evidence do you need? LizzoBigGirl
Sent by BbDamian,May 10, 2024
BbDamian No they aren't "killing literally everybody" and if you did a shred of unbiased research that would be common knowledge to you.
Sent by DBonee,May 10, 2024
You don't have to do any research to see the Israeli gov is killing children at random on playgrounds and not just going for Hamas DBonee wake up
Sent by BbDamian,May 10, 2024
BbDamian, again you may believe that, but you're spreading misinformation. Just yesterday a large secondary explosion happened in what Hamas is trying to say were civilian houses. Secondary explosions of that magnitude do not occur unless there is munitions being stored there. Hamas has constantly built their infrastructure around soft targets as they don't care about their civilians, they want them to die as martyrs for Westerners who don't know better to root for as "underdogs". Frankly, you're playing right into their hands.
Sent by DBonee,May 10, 2024
You're spreading misinformation, there are MULTIPLE VIDEOS of IDF SOLDIERS killing, harming, and destroying civilians. Now you're being absolutely ridiculous, Hamas must have so much military strength that the whole region had to be unturned in every hospital, school, playground, local town, etc. Get a grip on reality. DBonee
Sent by BbDamian,May 10, 2024
BbDamian you do know that they have found Hamas operating in all the places you listed, right? Or are you playing dumb that they were “attached randomly”? Literally every instance of a hospital, school, town, etc strike have had concrete evidence of Hamas setting up their operations there. If you’re not okay with them being attacked, surely you’re not okay with them creating their bases there??
Sent by DBonee,May 10, 2024
Please stop being misinformed lmao u look really stupid dbonee
Sent by CutieAmy,May 11, 2024
Nothing I’ve said is wrong DummyAmy
Sent by DBonee,May 11, 2024
Of course they're going to say they found Hamas, they won't admit to killing innocent people. There hasn't been any footage or proof that the people they've killed were tied to Hamas at all. EVEN if the case were that Hamas were being killed, it shouldn't be at the fucking cost of children's lives where is your humanity for dying children? DBonee
Sent by BbDamian,May 11, 2024
My humanity is intact. I don’t remember you caring about the dying children on 10/7? I care about innocent Palestinians. I don’t care about anyone helping Hamas (which is nearly 70% of them in most estimates).
Sent by DBonee,May 12, 2024

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