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  1. I thought a white party
  3. Save me in Sharpovas Stars
  4. anyone wanna hit me with there car
  5. before i go back to bed
  6. hope i dont wake up tommrow.
  7. I wemt from Double PM
  8. looking good in my blonde bob
  10. I have no friends....
  11. if u smoke juuls
  12. haha fat
  13. I taken to much black dick
  14. I don't spend 300 dollars to look pretty
  15. depressed....
  16. Why is there a 0 candle
  17. i will miss the bb cast leak
  18. maturo needs a life
  19. #SuicidalBullies Assemble
  20. I would go republican
  21. big dick bret and chris win tar 31
  22. The Pedophile and No Life Loser
  23. Finally off prohibition
  24. at our tengaged meetup
  25. if someone posted a Bret LaBelle
  26. I am Republican
  27. I babysat at 15....
  28. Wow Tengaged is over
  29. I want Bret and Chris
  30. Eureka shouldn't win rpdr
  31. You are 39 years old
  32. I bought a new vacuum
  33. depressed
  34. with no information
  35. Is it considered cheating
  36. Me and Peace123
  37. Hey big head
  38. I am classy
  39. She's a cheater
  40. Pedophillia should be apart of the LGBT+

Best part of your Mother not loving you

May 13, 2018 by Batya
Is you don't have to get her a mother day gift

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