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Issa Hate

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#BLACKELEGANCE . Jan 12, 2018
New trend.
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⭐️4th⭐️ Aug 23, 2017
is slightly still infested with multi can we make it to where only yellow level and up can vote in stars Randomize ? Now that's how you rid the issue fast.

EDIT : Only Light Green and Higher can vote :)
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⭐️5th⭐️ Aug 22, 2017
5 - Fastings
5 - Castings
10 - Frookies
20 - Survivor
30 - Rookies
40 - Hunger
100 - Stars
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⭐️1st⭐️ Aug 18, 2017

I believe that this idea would be great. I believe there should just be a tengaged thrift store where you could purchased designs for cheap. Here's how it works.
- Every 12 Hours is the thrift store DC.
- 50 Designs are available at the D.C.
- These designs will be cheaper than the normal prices.
- Basically first come first serve.
( Special Prize (T$) for the biggest buyers for that D.C. )

EDIT #1 : Also there could be a way of leaving unwanted designs. There could be a limited 1 trade per D.C. amount.
EDIT #2 : Also once you have reached buying up to 5 designs ( If you're able to) You will be placed by how fast you got the 5 designs to determine your prize money.
EDIT #3 : How are the 50 designs selected : People will post their unwanted designs & 50 randomn ones will be sent in, for that DC if one of your unwanted Designs are in thrift store, once everything is sold out, you can have 1 trade option with anyone who also had a design go in and get bought .
EDIT #4 : There would be a trading button where you can request trades, also, you can even donate up to as many designs as you got into the DC, so if you got 4 designs in DC you can donate up to 4 and get 50% profit from them. Easy way to dispose of unwanted designs

Anyone like?
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⭐️5th⭐️ Aug 11, 2017
what I associate you with when I hear your name.
Koolness234 - Stars King
Lazeric - Begging for gifts
hints - Shops/Designs
BlueLagoon506 - Group Games
Path - Old account?
XxlovewakizaxX - Frooks Final 2
s73100 - BBMichelle (LOL I literally know its you when I see the avi)
Benp428 - Old back int he day friendship, We were noobs together (Tengaged Mafia)
Jenzie - Words such as : Gassed , Nerds, Slay, Obsessed , love when you use them
Brandonpinzu - Stars Queen
Dane_Williams - Backstabber , Sheep, etc ( Probably the worst person to play stars with)
dawsonight - Frookies brutha
lliiaamm - Being kind
Kaylabby - Literally everytime I see your name I think of ( 3 Nips ) lmfao. I try not to but seriously that's the funniest thing ever.
Thumper91 - Tengageds Sweetheart (Thumper* Can do no wrong)
EliOrtiz1234 - #PureEssence ( Literally Goals )
bigbrotherlover7 - Blogs page/Hunger Games
sosyomomma - Ween friend, who finally found the light, Nice frookies ally
xshift - Friend.
Ghrocky100 youtube videos
MrBird - Frookies rival ( Old but I think we are good now )
DJ4460 - #Jenzie ( Goals x2 )
BengalBoy - Hilarious Top Blogs
Beccajo16 - T-vivor or VMR ,one of them
underwzc - Rookies, words of wisdom
Fishingguy22 - Hi it's Fishingguy22 here , Multis, On Call "actin tough"
Spartagow - obsessed with me, peasant, horrible frookies player
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⭐️1st⭐️ Aug 5, 2017
I am so thankful for the opportunity that I made it to my first final 3. I am so thankful for the players who played against me because they really pushed me to going for the win.  About exactly 6 days ago, I was nommed on the block for 13th in the game. I was so close to giving up and I was pretty much over stars because every game I am the scape goat for everything that goes wrong. Well then I got a call from Duncan and he really encouraged me not to give up. FROM THAT DAY FORWARD WE PLAYED BIG BOY GAMES AND WE SLAYED THE GAME
I was the ring leader behind the Blackout/Orlando nomset which put all the non-alliance people in the majority. I rallied up as many people as I could for 12 hours straight and push for that set to go up. Once they were up we then had the majority because was also able to flip people on their side.
Also, Frozen shadow was the person who basically ensured that I went up on the block. Once I survived the poll-box my plan was ultimately in motion, and I got Frozen nommed beside the biggest popularity threat in the game (Elise) to ensure the person that was gunning for me was out of the game.
I WAS THE GUY IN CHARGE OF THE LEM/CFFF SET. Lemjam and Cfff were the two most popular people in the game and there was no way that anybody could beat them in any poll. I made it my decision to get my side and snatch a shaky vote (elise) to help me put them up. Once the deed was done I was sure that the next day would be a split, so I did damage control which was talking to Lemjam and Cfff for the first time in the game and “seeing where their heads were at”.
FROM 9TH – 6TH I was not a counter in the game. Although I was obviously one of the strict – Opposite opponents I was never the other sides choice of a set. Why? I had Akora, Finn, and even BLACKOUT who I talked to talking to the other side and assuring that my name wasn’t going up. ( I used sprtsgy for this earlier in the game too )
Another big move was the elise/cfff set. Although it was a team decision and I didn’t want Elise to go up here because I just personally didn’t think she was against me. However, after this move was made. I stayed low-key because I knew they would need a target for the next DC. Well I got a little birdie to get into Blackouts ear and let them know that it was smart to go after the unnomed on my side and not me.
Once we got to the noms of six, I made it to where I WOULDN’T HAVE TO SIT BESIDE anybody but AKORA, if it was me going up. I could’ve beat Akora and that would’ve been the only person I could’ve beaten in that game. So instead of going after the logical set of cfff/blackout I wasn’t willing to risk me going up beside them , so for that day change it was Akora.
Three Reasons Why I should have your vote.
1)        I went up once on the block for 13th – from 12th – now I was unnomed and was only a counter for a set for 3 of those nominations. I stayed off the block more than anyone in this final 3.
2)        Although, we were OBVIOUSLY flavoring Cfff/Blackout I had no choice but to keep nomming them against people such as Elise, Lem who were popularity threats or necessarily had a lot of stars support.
3)        I stayed loyal. In a game of stars people usually flip on others and shade people but I stayed loyal to Duncan, Finn, and Davis until the final nail was in their coffin.

I don’t intend on playing another stars so I wish that I could walk away with this win.


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