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  1. Imagine getting mad over a neg
  2. My pumpum tight
  3. Easy pussy never looked good
  4. Me and my man's gone live a good
  5. My man is my everything
  6. I love when people get jealous of me
  7. Cooked my man a nice dinner 馃槏馃槏
  8. Wow I'm a loose pussy hoe now
  9. Uglies of tengaged
  10. I'm 950 pounds
  11. Your momma
  12. Happy father's day to my baby daddies
  13. You're such a fucking hoe
  14. Me when I'm getting Krispy Kreme (pic)
  15. anyways
  16. Let me see if i have braydens picture
  17. Tengagers with my number
  18. Filtered list
  19. History is all of us
  20. Wakey wakey eggs and bacey
  21. Imagine being jealous of a real female.
  22. Imagine thinking that rape is okay
  23. The pride flag should NOT
  25. Old saggy titty bitch Tara
  26. Constance and Corey are twins
  27. Mancebo nobody cares about you
  28. Who wants to pay my phone bill
  29. im not done with you bitches
  30. Rozlyn your roomate is a tengaged user
  31. Imagine being so jealous of me
  32. Once apon a time not long ago
  33. The stars Skype chat
  34. Idc about looks,as long as you not ugly
  35. who wants some scooby snacks?
  36. This host rigs his games for returnees
  37. who wanna donate a gift to heather
  38. i love being from up north
  39. love logging in to see blogs about me
  40. Thank you heavenly father

Imagine getting mad over a neg

Jun 18, 2019 by Babeeeidah
Giggles. Silly fool.
If this site means more than anything to you, it's time to scramble your password and never come back.

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