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  1. remember my vlog in 2014
  2. would anyone else
  3. help me win a poll 4 my org
  4. what’s the opposite of alive?
  5. i tried food today
  6. im sry im rich and ur not?
  7. pyn if u think im cute
  8. just got a job
  9. i think i forgot the chips
  11. someone send me $15 dollars
  12. remember how bi nguyen
  13. wanna know why survivor sa is better than us..
  14. getting drunk by myself
  15. survivor question
  16. the real tea
  17. give me a movie to watch
  18. what just happened
  20. give me a survivor stream
  21. damn yoshi still thic
  22. im subleasing my friend's house for the summer
  23. HELP TIMSTER............
  24. when is enrollment
  25. rpdr11 ranking
  26. tn's ep of drag race
  27. listen to my friend's music
  28. i watched i tonya tn
  29. xxxtentacion is dead
  30. is it an unpopular opinion
  31. i need to talk to someone
  32. apply for my game pls
  33. apply for my game :~)
  34. as a BIG fan of YOUTUBE SURVIVOR
  35. hey girls and gays
  36. pls stop the bullying
  37. where can i watch movies
  38. Double Cross 5 - Artemis
  39. apply for my survivor org pls
  40. survivor ranks


Sep 1, 2018 by AustinRules6969
i think i'm the type of bitch who would join a cult


Same tbh LOL
Sent by andalarew_2231,Sep 1, 2018

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