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TAR30 Rankings: Finale Part 2

Feb 21, 2018 by AshlynArehart
Here is my thoughts on the season, plus average ranks!

Jessica and Cody (Team Big Brother): GOOD FOR THEM! I'm so happy that they took it home! Paul and his minions are probably shaking at the thought of them taking it all.

Henry and Evan (Team Yale): Say what you will, but I loved them the entire season. I figured they wouldn't win. Nonetheless I am very proud of them!

Kristi and Jen (Team Extreme): Robbed! They were my winners pick from the very beginning. So it is sad to see them lose, but they should be proud to have made it to the end.

Points they earned in the episode divided by legs they competed in.

1. Kristi and Jen (Team Extreme): 46 Points (AVG: 3.83)
2. Henry and Evan (Team Yale): 45 Points (AVG: 3.75)
3. Jessica and Cody (Team Big Brother): 43 Points (AVG: 3.58)
4. Trevor and Chris (Team Well Strung): 20 Points (AVG: 3.33)
5. Lucas and Brittany (Team Ocean Rescue): 22 Points (AVG: 2.44)
6. Joey and Tim (Team Chomp): 11 Points (AVG: 2.20)
7. Alex and Conor (Team Indycar): 21 Points (AVG: 1.91)
8. Cedric and Shawn (Team Slam Dunk): 6 Points (AVG: 1.50)
9. Eric and Daniel (The Firefighters): 8 Points (AVG: 1.00)
10. April and Sarah (Team Goat Yoga): 2 Points (AVG: 1.00)
11. Dessie and Kayla (The Ring Girls): 0 Points (AVG: 0.00)

Overall I think this season was good. It's nice to root for everyone for a change. Minus last season with Tara and Joey -_-. Hope it's renewed for next season! :)



ikr tara and joey sucked SO bad
Sent by splozojames50,Feb 21, 2018

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