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Everyone needs to tune into Zara Larsson Apr 24, 2023
My queen is so underrated like can we please yt women who can actually sing and not sound like a dead bird that fell out of the sky after getting hit by a plane.
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Queen Anitta has returned from her ban Apr 22, 2023
imageSo I took a little vacation in the Bahamas since Brazil was getting a little boring to me and now I’m back home. Got banned defamation of character but I’m sorry the beasts on here are just so ugly and inhumane. I will never let men like them tell a BISEXUAL WOMAN what to do it’s always you (redacted) ugh YOURE NOT A GIRL BITCH
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Just got ran over by a horse Apr 18, 2023
Omg this fat ass horse just stomped over me and I almost DIED omg… this is why it’s cankles were shaped like a cows utters I am flabbergasted right now
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I’m being silenced on here omg Apr 17, 2023
This is unfair to all the women and diverse queens or kings out there… me and Runaways will not be quieted so BEWARE
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Stars - SAVE RUNAWAYS Apr 8, 2023
Okay Runaway stans we need to work hard to save the king! He has ran this Stars game and has to win, if you don’t vote him you don’t like diversity, gay people, or the British!


(Also vote for Zhang Hao on Boys Planet starting next Thursday)
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Shoutout to RUNAWAYS Apr 2, 2023
My bestfriend is so famous on here which is so weird because I told him to stay away from this pit of hell! So proud of my British cunt and he will succeed in his accomplishments on here X

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