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This is what I think about Hate blogs

Jun 21, 2013 by AngelGalindo
First of all I don't get how someone can take time to do hate blogs...for example sjsoccer88 maybe I would understand that he doesn't like the people but some of the people who were in his "Top 12 most pathetic Tengaged users" were actually maybe put on there for jealousy for example Megan and Diva1 like lol really? They are two of the nicest users on this site so I don't see what's the point of attacking them... I also feel like hate blogs are useless or people just use them to have their name spread around Tengaged. Yes maybe I haven't been on this site for four years like most users so I don't know some of these people as much but honestly I have been here enough to be able to say they are not pathetic i actually think the pathetic one in that case would be the person who makes a blog talking crap about people then gets offended when they talk about his/her bestfriend's weight...just saying


I KNOW hes so mean and vile
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 21, 2013
Gagaluv you shouldn't have been on that either...
Sent by AngelGalindo,Jun 21, 2013
hes just an ass doesn't even know me AngelGalindo
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 21, 2013
Sent by AngelGalindo,Jun 21, 2013
Unfortunately nasty blogs get more attention than nice blogs. I want to see someone do a blog about their top 12 friends and say what they like about them. BengalBoy has done these type of blogs and they are always interesting. Well, let's face it. Dru is more interesting that what's his name:)
Sent by Diva1,Jun 22, 2013
I agree completely ^^
Sent by AngelGalindo,Jun 22, 2013
Yes I agree with your blog!!
Sent by Megan,Jun 22, 2013

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