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  1. why did I watch this and why cant I stop
  2. Depi Evratesil Semi 2 Review
  3. Depi Evratesil Semi 1
  4. BQL who?
  5. this would be #1
  6. Every critic, every detractor
  7. am I the only one
  8. So far
  9. one of best parts of CBB
  10. I aint scared no more
  11. Wait so Metta
  12. why is shannon elizabeth
  13. The Amazing Race
  14. Reading the CBBUS updates
  15. Spent the whole BB ep
  16. the challenge vendettas has been good but
  17. CBBUS feeds
  18. catching up on drag race
  19. I feel so old
  20. Send Tayanna
  21. some of the celebrity BB player's
  22. maybe its cause my expectations were very low
  23. so is the rumored cbbus cast wrong?
  24. me on Mondays
  25. Give me that poison
  26. Finally caught up on the 100
  27. My gpa is dance
  28. does anyone else
  29. Flip flop flip flop
  30. Ranking Marvel's Runaways characters
  31. happy new year to you all
  32. I love
  33. Albania eurovision 2018
  34. Everyone watching survivor finale
  35. the voice of armenia
  36. Anyone watch Marvel's Runaways?
  37. My challenge for next Christmas season
  38. I went from
  39. this vote is not strategic
  40. not been following the voice

Reading the CBBUS updates

Feb 9, 2018 by Amanyaman
this season is already so messy lmao.

This is why BB should always have older casts.

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