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Where's the common sense

Jul 1, 2020 by Amanyaman
I've been working full time throughout the pandemic and it's starting to get draining. It feels inevitable I'll get it at some point because people keep walking into the pharmacy without a mask and ask if we are doing covid testing.  If you think you might have coronavirus, do NOT walk into a store where you can expose dozens of others.


i remember u
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jul 1, 2020
i hate people thats why i quit my job :)
Sent by PaulaDeen,Jul 1, 2020
I will pray for you 🙏❤
Sent by tswiftlover13,Jul 1, 2020
Me too :( @amanyanan we deserve a medal :/

Thanks for all u do
Sent by BURBERRY,Jul 1, 2020
amanyaman *
Sent by BURBERRY,Jul 1, 2020

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