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  1. i. cant. stop.
  2. hi
  3. come on down to florida
  4. omg
  5. i ride the dick like a BMX
  6. i bought my little brother a nintendo switch
  7. i know you know i want to have a baby
  8. why is this actually a good song
  9. Chrissy who?
  10. Hey
  11. how did kailyn from teen mom
  12. okay but i really got
  13. HEY can u tag me here please
  14. if u have a fucking heart
  15. plz plz plz tag me here
  16. halsey is so gross
  17. xxxtentacion fans drink brisk
  18. listen up gals and gays
  19. I found the worlds rarest aphrodisiac
  20. when u nut but she keep succin'
  21. i miss iggy azalea
  22. i'd honestly sell my body
  23. Just got the results from my blood work back
  24. im scared of 21savage
  25. What is she thinking?
  26. can you ban that danny guy too
  27. for my birthday
  28. thirteen WILL fuck me before I die.
  29. malibu barbie delish
  30. hey
  31. this picture haunts my dreams
  32. I love Fergie
  33. lol paul really lost
  34. i said if i wanna fuck
  35. my only remaining goal in life
  36. "it" fucked me up
  37. Brayden thinks the catch me outside girls
  38. i tried putting a hoop in my nose
  39. fat
  40. I remember ur selfies hunny bunny

Chrissy who?

Nov 8, 2017 by AlyssaAF
sweetpea if her name ain’t Heather Leigh Cameron then I don’t fucking know who she is

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