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Feb 29, 2024 by Alisowned
imageAbout Taylor Swift.

Megan calls her Tay-Tay.
sharkskin calls her Ms. Beautiful Gowns

I call her Tay-Lux Swift, because she's untouchable on League and anywhere else in North America.

But I have to be honest, even though my daughter loves her music and I can recognize her voice when she comes on the radio. If you asked me to name a song/album I would just be like... WTF is ikaw0ng talking about???

But I don't HATE Taylor Swift (so hold off on negging this shit for 1 minute while I explain) quite in fact the opposite really. I'm spellbound by Taylor's public image rather than her quote on quote: "ability" to sing/song-write/dance/whatever else she does on stage?

Like the fact that she doesn't allow outside sources of water to be brought into the venues she is performing at, because she doesn't like shit being thrown at her on stage. Which understandable, but it resulted in one of her brazilian fans dying due to heat stroke/dehydration...

Taylor's only response was a simple letter (that her manager drafted up for her) saying "Oops sorry you died bestie- I'm going to cancel my brazilian tour because I don't wanna be held liable for anyone else dying under these temps" (or something to that effect)

And I was just shellshocked... This Ana fan of yours came out to see you and literally fried to death under the sun and - you a super star - could not even pay to have her body shipped out to her parents/buy a flower arrangement/sing at the funeral of the person you MURDERED?

And I thought to myself...


I couldn't get away with that shit.
But she sure as fuck did.

Sorry to Ana's mom, I hope I will never have to go through with what you had to.


i am not your daughter
Sent by ikaw0ng,Feb 29, 2024
ikaw0ng I will never have to worry about you dying of thirst at a Taylor Swift concert, because I know you can store water in your humps for at least 3 days.
Sent by Alisowned,Feb 29, 2024
Sent by Timberlie,Mar 1, 2024
This entire blog…
Sent by konohavillage1,Mar 2, 2024

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