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  1. Remove your crabs bitch
  2. Eres fea
  3. Hola
  4. Can i have pngs
  5. La unica guiri normal y decente
  6. Gift me the lips x
  7. What is love
  8. did i deserve the 12th place in my stars?
  9. un beso
  11. I miss my stars partners tbh
  12. Follame
  13. puta
  14. Throw back to
  15. TaraG unfilter me i just want to comment me
  16. Im doing this blog
  17. I'm the one with lowest %
  18. Now im hated by 15 more people
  19. Guess my % in stars for a nude
  20. Can i chupa
  21. Why is nobody flirting with me
  22. Long island
  23. Thanks everyone who saved me <3
  24. Wow im shocked
  25. Let's keep my promise
  26. tag someone who smells like smegma
  27. im so fucking nommed for 15th
  28. Ughh
  29. How many diopters do you have
  30. If someone wants to gift me the lips
  31. My iconic purple braid
  32. ok who wants to
  33. Never trust a fucking guiri
  34. what do you prefer
  35. SISTER!
  36. my vagina is itchy
  37. SISTER!
  38. +1 sv
  39. hey i have a question for all of you!
  40. Cállate la puta boca


Apr 14, 2019 by Acceptthis
Just because you have more years than no one on this site it allows you to decide when is a charity game or a normal game?

TaraG 2 min ago
um, a charity should not take hours to fill.


NORMAL GAME !!!!!!!!!!
Sent by TaraG,Apr 14, 2019

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