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  1. Join hunger sluts
  2. True colours got shown.
  3. If i ever saw u irl
  4. ASK me cunts.
  5. u can only lose ur virginity by having sex
  6. you already tried that babes.
  7. Hair i just worked on.
  9. Love u
  10. Best song on Rare
  11. Coz it was just a quick hello
  12. Thank u king <3
  13. Its literally the same losers in every frooks
  14. Stream One I've Been Missing
  15. some of u need to grow up
  16. Merry christmas ladies
  17. Thank u so much 53.9%
  18. Stay mad :)
  19. Save me in stars <3
  20. Lover or Reputation?
  21. Whats ur issue sis
  22. If ur gonna take a shot at the baddest
  23. Hey guys <3
  24. support me in stars ladies
  25. Its over for you.
  26. You think you're funny, huh
  27. I'm 16, tito.
  29. Fiona you're literally so fake.
  30. Heard u bitches was lookin for ME
  31. This isn't your moment.
  32. +1 frooks
  33. All star frookies.
  34. This is my moment.
  35. Hey
  36. Hey
  37. Kayleigh.
  38. i see this site hasn't changed.
  39. Kayleigh is slaying
  40. HELP!!!

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Jun 17, 2019 by 2388
King Bryce won Pink Box and I am content w that.
I just didnt want Bamold1999 or his friend @Jojonumbers winning coz this is their first pink box and i dont think they paid enough respect to me, a pink box champ.
goodnight <3


thats perfect.
Sent by jojo7784,Jun 17, 2019
thank you <3
Sent by Bryce_A3,Jun 17, 2019
I won my first and only pink box tho
Sent by boicam77,Jun 17, 2019

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