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Lmfaooo this person

13thNov 30, 2023 by 1Roxi
survivorfan16 coping with being dumb in college and blaming it on weed 😭 sweetie thats just ur brain


survivorfan12 *
And even if you’re right that maybe not everyone faces negative repercussions of marijuana use, but a quick google search will show innumerable reliable (and scientific) authorities across the world that say the brain is developing till you’re 20-25 years old and that marijuana use definitely has statistically significant detrimental effects on your cognitive function.
Just because something is legal doesn’t make it harmless (look at tobacco) - politicians legalizing weed for instance in canada at the age of 18 was obviously for votes bc that’s when we can vote; it really had no scientific backing to pick that age.
Studies do show if you start at a later age, maybe it doesn’t have as much of (if any) negative effect on you but… very early adulthood not so much

I didn’t neg your blog, but Paige is correct in what she’s saying.
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 30, 2023
This is needlessly rude? I posted that blog because Morant was asking about people’s experiences with being a pothead and I figured I would blog it in case there are any young people on here who could see it and be helped by it. What is wrong with you?
Sent by survivorfan12,Nov 30, 2023
this blog is so unbelievably blue haired im putting it in my newsletter
Sent by Morant,Nov 30, 2023

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