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Apr 14, 2023 by 13bam

***Cash Prize of $25 USD***

Lockdown Survivor: The Forbidden Shrine

Application Close April 19th
Season Starts April 21st
Season should last 26 to 30 days

Welcome to the debut Season of Lockdown Survivor! This Season we are heading to the beautiful and scenic country of Japan, we're we drop 18 castaways for a month of cutthroat gameplay. Which one of yall we battle it to the end and become the Sole Survivor!

Here what we offer on our Server

馃敯Decades of Experience and Dedication within the ORG Community

馃挮24 hour Challenges and Tribals so that all timezones without any disadvantages

馃尭Japanese Theme Tribes, Challenges and Twists, that will make the season fun and exciting.

馃崱A Non-Toxic and friendly community where rules are enforced.

馃帊Viewers get access to Drafts, Fan Favorite Voting, Voting Charts and much more *Elite Viewers status for All Alumni*

馃幃Games you can play on your free time


This ORG offers an interesting way to find Hidden Immunity Idols. If a castaways want to find an idol they must complete a puzzle within a time frame that is given. Once they complete the puzzle within that time frame they would be given a clue to the location of the Idol. The Idol will be hidden within a number board of 30. Castaways will be given 3 chances to look for the Idol per episode. Once a new episode starts a new puzzle is given and Castaways will have to solve that puzzle to look for the idol. Castaways can't look for the idol until the puzzle is solved.



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