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9Q: Why date Felipe when you can scissor, GOD GAVE YOU THOSE LEGS FOR A REASON GIRL

asked by paul028


24Q: Well if you're not going to have "Felipe's juicy Brazilian cock", can I have it?

asked by RedFabFoxy

No stay in your lane.

2Q: https://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/520/657/4aa.gif

asked by Kandee_

I cant see the gif :(

-7Q: Kiss, marry, kill: FelipeS, Thelea, GoodVibezGirl

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

I think two of them are the same person but okay

Kiss Goodvibez
Marry Felipe
Kill Thelea

15Q: Is Michigan better or Ohio better, in general, your opinion

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

Michigan I think

0Q: Michigan or Ohio?

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge


9Q: When you listen to music, what song makes you go "alright, shit's about to get real, time to get my game face on"?

asked by Icarus_Mark

Hmmm interesting question. I'd have to say the song Take me or leave me is the first one that comes to mind. It's from the movie Rent and my sisters and I jam out to that song big time.

Another one is probably Grenade by Bruno Mars :)

21Q: Ship me

asked by StarySky

With WhateverTheF? I ship that


18Q: why won鈥檛 you update your pyn

asked by iamremedy

Because I find joy in making you miserable

18Q: Felipe has 3 big cocks why didn't you snatch him up

asked by peace123

Stop omg

26Q: Why do you reject Felipe's juicy Brazilian cock?

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

I hate you

15Q: Weren't you 12 years old when you had you old account, and if so, isn't that NOT allowed? XD

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

I was 11 and yes, I'm aware that's not allowed lol

19Q: Title

asked by GoodKaren

Yes Title

9Q: who do you think is the fakest bitch on tg and you can give initials if you don't wanna say the name

asked by SuzytheFloozy

Ugh there's so many fake people on here but I don't want hate blogs if I name people soooo

9Q: CBBUK premieres tonight!

asked by 2388

I haven't watched a single episode of bbuk so I probably should lol

9Q: How old are u ?

asked by FelipeS

15 .-.

20Q: Why do u reject Felipe鈥檚 juicy brazilian cock?

asked by Question

Next question please .

9Q: no

asked by FelipeS


9Q: no

asked by FelipeS

Shut up

8Q: Purple or blue

asked by DJ2722

Blue :)

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