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Any other pop girl could never achieve the cultural impact that Electra Heart had on all of us in 2012-2014. Too damn powerful.

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  1. Beauty Queen.

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    The Archetypes. Gemma. Thanks to gagaluv for the help!

    From design Beauty Queen.

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    602 T$

    600.0 T$


  2. Idle Teen.

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    (aka Blonde Wavy) The Archetypes. Gemma.

    From design Idle Teen.

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    400.0 T$


  3. Homewrecker.

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    (aka Blonde Brow Skinny Skin) The Archetypes. Gemma.

    From design Homewrecker.

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  4. Valley of the Dolls.

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    We Sleep. Gemma.

    From design Valley of the Doll..

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  5. How To Be a Heartbreaker.

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    Boys they like a little danger. Credit to Trishy for designing.

    From design How To Be a Heartb..

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  6. Lonely Hearts Club.

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    Do you wanna be a member? Designed by Icing.

    From design Lonely Hearts Club..

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    450.0 T$