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Previous Seasons of Nano’s Big Brother

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1284 days 13 hours ago
Here is some info and data of previous seasons!
1220 days 21 hours ago
Season 1


1-Colin (ColinCoco) 5 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Washed (Washed_Ravioli) 4 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Taylor (tswiftlover13) Evicted by Washed
4-Tara (TaraG) 1-0 against Washed
5-Kalypso (kalypsoblack) 1-1 against Colin
6-Vanessa (MissVanjiee) 2-1 against Tara
7-Dan (bbsuper92) 3-1 against Tara
8-Shaun (txashaun) 5-0 against Tara
9-Bri (BrittanyNicole) 5-1 against Shaun
10-Gini (GiNi) 5-2 against Colin
11-Drew (Tester) 7-1 against Gini
(Jury Starts Here)
12-Olivia (MarthaSpeaks) removed for being inactive
13-Tink (Gilsgirl) 8-1 against Olivia
14-DJ (KidDrift76) 6-4 against Gini
15-Ivy (BadGirlsClubfan) 6-5 against Olivia
16-Xavier (parkerstack7) 7-5 against Tara

TFP: Vanessa

1220 days 21 hours ago
Season 2


1-LaCroix (LaCroix) 6 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Sarah (Sarahabramowitz724) 3 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Gabe (skimmilk4) Evicted by Sarah
4-Madi (Mad2222) 1-0 against Gabe
5-Maliyah (Maliyah) 1-1 against LaCroix
6-Logan (chillum) 2-1 against Maliyah
7-Corn (CORNACIA) 4-0 against Maliyah
8-Matt (mbarnish1) 3-2 against Logan
9-Kevin (kevin121302) 3-3 against Maliyah
10-Leon (TheLeon) 4-3 against Kevin
11-Cameron (cameronedd) 7-1 against Madi
(Jury Starts Here)
12-Kyle (kyledd) 5-4 against Leon
13-Cindy (cinzi_lov) 5-5 against Leon
14-Lindsay (Dominatrixx) 7-4 against Cindy
15-Michael (MichaelM099) 6-6 against Leon
16-Systrix (systrix) 8-5 against Kevin

TFP: Logan

Super Mario Bros!
1220 days 21 hours ago
Season 3


1-Washed (Washed_Ravioli) 7 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Gabe (skimmilk4) 2 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Sea (SeaViper) Evicted by Washed
4-Michelle (shellbelle) 1-0 against Washed
5-Jack (J4ckWilko) 1-1 against Sea
6-Aimee (Amnesia_) 2-1 against Gabe
7-Nicky (nijoco) 3-1 against Aimee
8-Nathan (Nathan132) 5-0 against Gabe
9-Jacob (Lifeiscool) 5-0 against Nicky
10-Akshay (galore) 5-1 against Jack
11-Drew (Tester) 4-3 against Sea
(Jury Starts Here)
12-Justin (Girllover101) 6-3 against Jacob
13-Caden (Cadden) 8-2 against Aimee
14-Matt (mbarnish1) 8-3 against Jack
15-JC (InternetError) 7-5 against Nathan
16-X (FireX) Lost Banishment Challenge

TFP: Michelle

World Tour!
1220 days 21 hours ago
Season 4


1-Sam (americanidolfan) 5 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Juniper (NewNightmare7) 4 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Kyla (kylakendell132) Evicted by Juniper
4-Nate (nateclove) 1-0 against Kyla
5-Rose (TheRoseHorse) 2-0 against Kyla
6-Zach (DBonee) 2-1 against Rose
7-Ethan (ITZ3THAN) 3-0-0 against Kyla and Nate
8-Bob (islandsurvivor) 4-1 against Zach
9-Aria (sportygirl22) 4-1 against Juniper
10-Madi (Maddog16) 4-3 against Aria
11-Chris (chris2pei) 6-2 against Aria
(Jury Starts)
12-Johnny (Escapethenight13) Expelled
13-Rubes (Rubes) 5-5 against Juniper
14-Justin (jussy007) Expelled
15-Noah (noah_kondon) 11-3 against Rubes
16-Alex (nhl8765554321) 12 votes to evict

TFP: Rose

1150 days 10 hours ago
Season 5


1-Vanessa (MissVanjiee) 6 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Kalypso (kalypsoblack) 3 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Maliyah (Maliyah) Evicted by Vanessa
4-Zach (DBonee) 1-0 against Kalypso
5-Leon (TheLeon) 2-0 against Zach
6-Chris (chris2pei) 3-0 against Leon
7-Sea (SeaViper) 4-0 against Chris
8-Corn (CORNACIA) 4-1 against Leon
9-Ethan (ITZ3THAN) 4-2 against Leon
10-Alex (nhl8765554321) 6-1 against Maliyah
11-X (FireX) 5-3 against Alex
(Jury Starts)
12-Cameron (cameronedd) 9-0 against Sea
13-Drew (Tester) 6-3 against Leon
14-Rose (TheRoseHorse) 11-2 against Alex
15-Michelle (shellbelle) 8-4 against Alex
16-Michael (MichaelM099) 9-4 against Leon

TFP: Sea

All Stars!
1083 days 13 hours ago
Season 6


1-Summer (CruelSummer) 5 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Beck (Becksta20) 4 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Ellie (Vessas) Evicted by Summer
4-Noelle (Heavenlee) 1-0 against Summer
5-Dylan (Dylangover1) 2-0 against Ellie
6-Ann (emily7pop) 3-0 against Ellie
7-Rocky (humanwebjet1) 4-0 against Dylan
8-Riley (ytrewq111) 3-2 against Dylan
9-Ben (benp428) 4-2 against Riley
10-Steven (turkeylover) 5-2 against Ben
11-Kaleb (pudrulz) 5-3 against Riley
(Jury Starts)
12-Julian (ShaneDawson12345) 5-4 against Ben
13-Austin (ALiteralPotato) 6-4 against Kaleb
14-Ralib (Espontaneo) 9-2 against Rocky
15-King (Shawnlolpop123) 9-4-0 against Julian and Austin
16-Witos (Weetmaster) 8-5 against Austin

TFP: Ellie

Treasure Hunt!
1000 days 18 hours ago
Season 7


1-Franz (franzella) 8 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Josh (joshgillespie) 1 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Layla (LaylaLove) Evicted by Josh
4-Hong (Hong) 1-0 against Layla
5-Tim (tbrown_47) 2-0 against Layla
6-Chandler (Chandelier) 2-1 against Hong
7-Rocky (humanwebjet1) 3-1 against Josh
8-Nate (nateclove) 3-2 against Rocky
9-Jack (J4ckWilko) 3-2 against Hong
10-Mark (Mrkk) 50.8% against Jack
11-Yawn (Yawnha) 4-3 against Layla
(Jury Starts)
12-Lex (BlazeTitan) 6-3 against Rocky
13-Andrew (andrewvaughan17) 8-2 against Yawn
14-Tris (TMAN54445) 7-4 against Hong
15-Deedee (halloween_boi) 6-6 against Tris
16-Jake (ouijake) Lost Banishment Competition

TFP: Josh

Zombie Apocalypse!
888 days 17 hours ago
Season 8


1-Cray (Crayadian) 6 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Jenah (Jameslu) 3 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Jay A (abstractjay) Evicted by Cray
4-Jay H (teamclay) 1-0 against Cray
5-Mason (iiCreazyGX) 1-1 against Jay A
6-Nick (hayden9102) 2-1 against Jay A
7-Tico (candy_land) 4-0 against Mason
8-Cindy (Yandereboy12) 3-2 against Tico
9-Val (valgarfield) 3-2 against Tico
10-Thomas (tcold312) 4-2 against Val
11-Ali (CutieAmy) 4-4 against Cindy
(Jury Starts)
12-Kourtney (KourtneyKardash) 6-3 against Tico
13-Luke (lukesurvives) 5-5 against Cindy
14-Sasha (SashaBaby2010) 6-5 against Ali
15-Béla (WaffleKing) 6-3-2 against Cray and Thomas
16-Jake (charrison790564) 6-5-1-0 against Kourtney, Béla and Jay A

TFP: Nick

Amusement Park!
782 days 14 hours ago
Season 9


1-Natalie (OhNatalie) 5 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Brady (CoachWade) 4 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Robz (MrRobzilla) Evicted by Brady
4-Reynolds (mrkkkkyle) 1-0 against Robz
5-Hoop (lhooper902976) 2-0 against Reynolds
6-Jimmy (Jacadeux) 2-1 against Hoop
7-Elian (Elian) 3-1 against Natalie
8-Erik (EEstrada17) 4-1 against Hoop
9-Tyler (Eagles3256) 4-2 against Reynolds
10-Gabriel (FemmeFatale) 6-1 against Erik
11-Kris (KrisStory) 7-1 against Elian
(Jury Starts Here)
12-Jaxon (Jaxon) 5-4 against Kris
13-Pete (Letal) 8-2 against Tyler
14-Kyle (ForYouSelena) 7-3 against Gabriel
15-Jake (jhoffheat) 11-0 against Tyler
16-Jessie (DrG2) 9-4 against Tyler

TFP: Reynolds

Doctor Who!
698 days 22 hours ago
Season 10


1-Jenah (Jameslu) 5 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Brady (CoachWade) 4 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Sea (SeaViper) Evicted by Brady
4-Cindy (Yandereboy12) 1-0 against Brady
5-Jack (J4ckWilko) 2-0 against Cindy
6-Rocky (humanwebjet1) 3-0 against Jenah
7-Noelle (Heavenlee) 3-0 against Cindy
8-Tris (TMAN54445) 3-2 against Cindy
9-Mason (Pekka) 8-3 against Tris
10-Ellie (Vessas) 5-1 against Mason
11-Yawn (Yawnha) 4-3 against Tris
(Jury Starts Here)
12-X (FireX) 8-3 against Cindy
13-Hoop (lhooper902976) 10-8 against Noelle
14-Jake (ouijake) 7-6 against Mason
15-Mark (Mrkk) 10-3 against Yawn
16-Drew (Tester) 7-6 against Yawn

TFP: Ellie

All Stars 2.0!
369 days 16 hours ago
Season 11


1-Mikey (stuartlittle16) 5 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Chris (ChrisParker13) 4 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Eleanor (PinkFantasy) Evicted by Mikey
4-Gabs (LindsayMiaw) 1-0 against Eleanor
5-Brandon (Coolbrandonman) 2-0 against Eleanor
6-Devyn (girlinred) 2-1 against Gabs
7-Tim (lionsden121) 3-1 against Gabs
8-Ben (Bunnylvr007) 2-2 against Brandon
9-Dani (danio) 3-2 against Devyn
10-Maria (TheLightIsComing) 4-2 against Mikey
11-Cody (kingjames13) 4-3 against Chris
(Jury Starts Here)
12-Honey (honeybunch1) 6-3 against Cody
13-DJ (ddkawesome) 9-1 against Gabs
14-Julian (Thnksfrthmmrs) 7-4 against DJ
15-Ayleah (ayleah6987) 9-3 against DJ
16-Luan (LuanPedrinho) 7-6 against Ayleah

TFP: Dani

Little Nightmares!
114 days 5 hours ago
Season 12


1-Josh (joshgillespie) 5 of 9 Jury Votes
2-Saturn (Pekka) 4 of 9 Jury Votes
3-Jay (teamclay) Evicted by Josh
4-Abel (Russell11) 1-0 against Jay
5-Princess (princesspretty) 2-0 against Jay
6-Mackey (Mackey) 2-1 against Abel
7-Shaney (Shanathon) 4-0 against Mackey
8-Ryon (Ryon246) 4-1 against Mackey
9-Rocky (humanwebjet1) 4-2 against Ryon
10-Cullen (Cullenhi) 6-1 against Mackey
11-Loosey (LooseyLaduca) 5-3 against Ryon
(Jury Starts Here)
12-Ika (ikaw0ng) 7-2 against Rocky
13-Omen (TheOmen) 8-5 against Princess
14-Nikki (NikkiHatesPaloma) 8-6 against Omen
15-Kai (trolllol) 8-4 against Ryon
16-Almeida (Almeida008) 7-6 against Ryon

TFP: Cullen

Lord of the Rings!
97 days 21 hours ago
when will season 13 sign ups come out???
15 days 6 hours ago

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