Kevin’s Survivor season 1!

Welcome Tengaged! This is my take on Survivor! Twists, competition, blindsides, etc. is what is in store! You will be living on a island for 39 days with nothing to eat but rice and nothing to drink but water. Yes there will be rewards as well. Instead of food however for the winning team they would receive a hint to the hidden immunity idol! Hidden immunity idols will be on a blog of a random Tengaged user. I will say something like “congratulations on finding the hidden immunity idol!” On the blog and once it is found and linked to me I will take down my comment and.... wait until a new one is hidden and in play! Yes it is ok to share information about hints I won’t be mad as a host but choose who you tell wisely. There will be three original tribes. 2 tribes thus will win immunity. This will continue until we merge. At night, there will be dreaded tribal council. Here, you must vote out one of your own. This will go until there are three people remaining. Then, the power will shift to the jury. The jury will select the winner by casting their votes. The person who receives the most votes will be crowned the Sole Survivor! 39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor!

Please PYN me your application:

Name you would like to go by:
Favorite Survivor Contestant:
Survivor Contestant you relate to and why:
Why you should be casted:
Three words friends would describe you in:
Will you send confessionals as often as possible (every two days or so):
Are you ready to play your hardest:

Good luck! Also I will be using Random.Org to determine which tribe you’re on to be fair. Again, good luck!

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Kevin’s Survivor season 1!

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