[S16 : Survivor HvHvH] < David > Polls


  1. F9 Kevin vs David vs Jandro28 days ago
  2. F9 Tisaco vs Damo vs David29 days ago
  3. F9 Messi vs Lea vs Pilar29 days ago
  4. F9 Raul vs Kevin vs Natalia29 days ago
  5. 5. Who will get farther from the Americans?53 days 9 hours ago
  6. 4. Who will get farther from the Returnees?53 days 9 hours ago
  7. 3. Who will get farther from the Newbies?53 days 9 hours ago
  8. 2. Who will arrive at F3 but will not win? 53 days 9 hours ago
  9. 1. Who will win S16 HvHvH?53 days 9 hours ago

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[S16 : Survivor HvHvH] < David >

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