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66 days 20 hours ago
I love having a toot on my first week. But definitely I鈥檒l take a toot whenever.
66 days 20 hours ago
we love the queen of winning season 2 AND 3! thank you sister <3 love the editing too
66 days 14 hours ago
LOL how did I look like a broom girl plz
66 days 14 hours ago
Also my name is Ruby Velvet mama. Idk who red is
66 days 4 hours ago
sorry it鈥檚 hard for me to remember irrelevants, red.
66 days 3 hours ago
65 days 1 hour ago
Yeah, I deserved a boot for that princess look
65 days 1 hour ago
I wasn't gonna put a gown or a lot of make up on a 12 year old Hawaiian Princess because it wasn't a Cosplay challenge so I'm fine with my look
64 days 21 hours ago
omg thanks so much for the toot
64 days 20 hours ago
Can I just say I love how my look was cut to make it look like Donut鈥檚 giving the middle
finger? 馃槀
64 days 19 hours ago
64 days 16 hours ago
Thanks mama I'll take your critiques on next challenge. Has no one seen Pocahontas 2?.......if you havent, dont but yeah that's where the dress comes from xD
61 days 3 hours ago
I'll take my one and only toot and guard it with my life.

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