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157 days 17 hours ago
Welcome Everyone!

Although the Inquisition will be done privately, you can still see who has been nominated and the process that is about to happen. Our Troika was asked to nominate three players for possible elimination. The Troika has reached their decision, and the following players are nominated to face the Inquisition:

Mybash_ (Chris B)
Saftronbtr999 (Ian S)
top20fan33 (Cameron W)

Absol (JT A)
doubledarefan01 (Nels S)
Pieguy555 (Mike R)

Players nominated for Inquisition, you now have the chance to plead your case to the Troika. Say what you need to say, make whatever deals you need to make, because your life in the game is at stake.

Troika members, you have until TODAY 9 PM PST (Tuesday 12 AM EST) to send in your vote for two of these six players, one Rookie and one Veteran. Let me say this now, I highly advise that you avoid a tie, or you wont like what happens.

Good Luck!
156 days 17 hours ago

top20fan33 (Cameron W) - IceBeast (Will I)
Mybash_ (Chris B) - Jaybirdnifty (Jay M)
Mybash_ (Chris B) - nmh95 (Nathan H)

Pieguy555 (Mike R) - IceBeast (Will I)
Pieguy555 (Mike R) - Jaybirdnifty (Jay M)
Pieguy555 (Mike R) - nmh95 (Nathan H)

With 2 votes and 3 votes respectively, Chris and Mike, you are in the Ring.

You will be competing with James D and James E for your life in this game. But remember, the winner of the Ring will be given a Grenade. However please note that Grenades CANNOT be given to players in the Troika.

Now, notice that I said WITH not AGAINST this round, because for this round, you will be fighting against some of the best to stay in the game. Please meet our MERCENARIES...

Christian_ (Christian B)
iYBF (Anthony M)
Patrick319 (Patrick J)
RealJacksonWalsh (Jack W)

If you want to stay in this game, then you must beat the best, because if you don't, you go home.
156 days 16 hours ago

Official Match-Ups:

Mybash_ (Chris B) vs. Patrick319 (Patrick J)
PoohSnap (James D) vs. iYBF (Anthony M)
Pieguy555 (Mike R)  vs. RealJacksonWalsh (Jack W)
WitZ (James E) vs. Christian_ (Christian B)

The name of this game is "Yankin' My Chain".

This Ring will test your spatial recoginition and speed. I hope you like puzzles, because you sure will be playing them in this elimination!

In this elimination, you will be playing a series of 5 puzzles, each with an increase number of pieces. Your job is simple, to complete the puzzles in the fastest amount of time possible.

Now where does the difficulty come in?

Well this is one of the only times that I do not have a catch for you. Puzzle difficulty relies solely on you, and your opponent. However, it should be noted that your time will be calculated starting with the puzzle with the least amount of pieces working our way up to the puzzle with the most oamount of pieces.

The moment your overal time is more than 5 minutes higher than your opponents, the Ring will end, and you will be declared the loser.

But fear not, each of you has a puzzle time reduction token. When you submit all of your puzzles, you can tell me which puzzle you want to use your reduction token on, and it will reduce your time on that puzzle by 25%, so use it wisely, as it can only be used once. Remember, I will NOT remind you to use your token; if you submit your puzzles without using your token, the token becomes a dud.

If you and your opponent get through all 5 puzzles without either one of you reaching the 5 minute difference time limit, then it comes down to who completed all the puzzles faster. If that ties, then it is who submitted first.


#1: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=194c6daf18d3 [40 pieces]
#2: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=0a03b2322efa [60 pieces]
#3: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=244ae81c55a0 [80 pieces]
#4: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=2e8db31f4efe [100 pieces]
#5: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=3e3840c2c7e9 [120 pieces]

Your screenshot must show the number of puzzle pieces, and your Tengaged profile logged in with T$ and Health showing. Below is how your screenshot should look:


You get only ONE submission via Tengaged mails, even if your screenshot is invalid, you may NOT submit again. In your one submission, you must include all FIVE screenshots and the decision for which puzzle you are using the token on.

If your screenshot is invalid then you will be issued a 30 minute time penalty per each infraction, securing you go home. That simple.

Due to the amount of puzzles that have to be done for this Ring, you are getting more than 24 hours to compete.

You have until WEDNESDAY 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) to complete this Ring.

Good Luck!
156 days 11 hours ago
me walking in and saying hello to icebeast
155 days 8 hours ago

I will not reveal times since none of the other match-ups are done

LOSE - WitZ (James E)
WIN - Christian_ (Christian B)


Congratulations Christian, you have won this Ring, icon, legend, king! Well done!

James E, it has been a pleasure having you this season, thank you for the effort! However, this officially ends your time in Spain. I'm sure I'll see you around though, but for now head on out.

Still waiting for other match-ups to finish
155 days 8 hours ago
Thanks for the game everyone <3 I had fun and tried my hardest. Congrats to whoever can grind out the win in the finale <3
155 days 7 hours ago
155 days 7 hours ago
fuck off Christian lmfao
155 days 2 hours ago

Pieguy555 (Mike R)  vs. RealJacksonWalsh (Jack W)

WIN - Pieguy555 (Mike R)
LOSE - RealJacksonWalsh (Jack W)


Congratulations Mike, you have won this Ring and will remain in the game! Well done!

Jack, so close, but today just wasn't your day, but thank you for coming out and agreeing to be a Mercenary.
155 days 2 hours ago

Mybash_ (Chris B) vs. Patrick319 (Patrick J)

COMPETED - Mybash_ (Chris B)
DID NOT COMPETE - Patrick319 (Patrick J)


Congratulations Chris, you have won this Ring and will remain in the game! Well done!

Patrick, no words, but thank you for coming out and agreeing to be a Mercenary.
155 days 2 hours ago

PoohSnap (James D) vs. iYBF (Anthony M)

DID NOT COMPETE - PoohSnap (James D)


I have no congratulations to give, unfortunately here.

James D, it has been a pleasure having you this season, unfortunate end! However, this officially ends your time in Spain. I'm sure I'll see you around though, but for now head on out.

Anthony, thank you for coming out and agreeing to be a Mercenary.
155 days 1 hour ago
Flopped, I know. Thanks Turney for a fun season! Bye bye bitches.
154 days 20 hours ago

154 days 19 hours ago

Mike and Chris, as the winners of the last elimination round, you now get to throw a Grenade at one of your competitors. Please keep in mind that Grenades CANNOT be thrown at people in the most recent Troika, which in this case is Nathan, Jay, and Will.

Your options are as followed:

Your next mission is a teams mission, but you can choose any two players to be paired up and have to play as ONE person, thus hindering their teams' chances of winning this next mission.

Choose any player to have one of their treasure chest broken in the next mission, thus making it easier for them to LOSE the next mission.

Choose any player to have a shorter amount of time to complete this mission, with a later start time and an earlier deadline than everyone else.

The next mission will NOT be posted until you post in this thread who is getting the Grenade.

Mike, you get FIRST CHOICE of Grenades. Chris, you get SECOND CHOICE.

But do know that the next mission will start tomorrow (Thursday) at either 9:30 AM PST (12:30 AM EST), 4 PM PST (7 PM EST), or 7 PM PST (10 PM EST) depending on if my free period and free time before Back to School Night are honored or night.

Lastly, Veterans, this will be a Veterans Elimination Day, so fight hard.
154 days 19 hours ago
I will be using grenade #1 to pair up macken and sjsoccer88 !
154 days 8 hours ago
I will use grenade 2 on Brian

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