Elementalist: A New Story S2

The Unity an Elemental Village hidden in the Amazon. Same as any other village it has a diverse structure and various elementals residing within. With the Society it was the shadows that lurked around every corner within The Unity it’s something else.

This Elementalist story take place years after the first. The World has changed over time with new Enemies threatening the world we live in. Last season they were threatened by Kal the Destroyer who searched for the Elemental Cubes. In the battle of Vegas they stopped him by throwing him and the cubes into a dark void. After one problem was fixed another opened. The Organization a group of 10 lethal Elementals search and are trying to capture the Opus Elementals who are direct descendants of the First Elementals. What will happen if this threat is not stoppped and the Elemental Opus are captured.

Jason West (BigDizzleYoMama) Water L3 S
Amie Bradshaw (RyanAndrews)Fire Earth Lightning L4
Reginald “Reggie” Huron (Kgamer2218) Lightning L2
Knox Pendleton (Logie56) Wind L3
Elise Moreau (Noxity) Lightning L2 [DEAD]
Kaya Ayana (DVS) Wind L2 S
Misty Colleen (Maya10) Water L2 Earth L1
Drew White (Rain848) Earth L3
Silas Blackwell (Symmetry) Water L3
Dawson Rhodes (Rain848) Fire Opus
Ren Tsoni (RyanAndrews) Wind Opus [CAPTURED]
Ashton Macintosh (Logie56) Water OPUS
Alex Boone (Flamergamer8) Fire L2
Griffin Dwyer (Pokepat) Earth L2
Mateo Auditore (Bad18life) Lightning L4
Skyler Cavalier (Rain848) Water L2 S
Edmond Byrne (SirNiceGuy) Wind L2 S
Jessica Noxford (Noxity)Fire L2
Kiva Fitzgerald (CjPhoenix) lightning L2

Featured Players 14 playing

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S2 Ep 4: The Enigma And Charmer
1477 postsCreated by Rain848 on 3 days ago
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1 day 11 hours ago
S2 Ep3: The Immortal Duo
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11 days 19 hours ago
S2 Ep2: The Vocalizer and Shark
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19 days 17 hours ago
S2 Ep 1: The Swordsman and The Piercing Gaze
1678 postsCreated by Rain848 on 25 days 1 hour ago
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23 days 2 hours ago
Elementalist:New Story Apps Season 2
19 postsCreated by Rain848 on 81 days 13 hours ago
Last post by Tommy123
24 days 14 hours ago

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Elementalist: A New Story S2

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