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196 days ago
Hello My Final Models <3

For your final Photoshoot I want you to submit a photo that focuses on your face, so a beauty shot! This shot must be editorial and high-fashion, be good enough for front cover of a magazine!

With your photo I want you to tell me who do you think deserves: 3rd, 2nd and 1st! And why?

You have 24 hours to post, Good Luck <3
195 days 13 hours ago

I think this is a simple yet high-fashion photo, it would definitely been seen on VOGUE etc.

1st. Hannah - I didn’t come for second or third I came to win. As I said before just because I don’t have all the wins doesn’t mean I’m a bad model as the judges have said over and over again I deserve the crown.

2nd. Lindsey - Yes Lindsey has a lot of wins, but her personality to me doesn’t shine through. She takes good photos. That’s all as a model you need to be kind and NEVER shady and always respect your fans!

3rd. Joss - I really don’t know who Joss is a model, he kind of doesn’t take the high-fashion route and as a model in this competition you need to. I’m not saying he shouldn’t win it’s because I want to win.
195 days 6 hours ago

3rd - Hannah
No offence but you've been eliminated before but you're good

2nd - Joss
I mean as much as I want to win, my credentials cannot measure up against Lindsey. But I do feel that Im the most improved and the underdog of the season

1st - Lindsey
No words girl! You've crushed the competition and consistently delivered. Your stats speak for itself
195 days 5 hours ago

3rd- Hannah - I believe that Hannah is a wonderful model. She has been so fun to compete against, however, she has been eliminated. On top of that she was nearly eliminated at the last poll. It's for those reasons I believe Joss and I are a notch ahead going into the Final.

2nd- Joss - Joss is such a sweet guy. He delivers some sexy photo's that I think we can all agree made us sweat sometimes and he always addressed the photo shoots in a way that, in my opinion, were strong. He was always toward the top. The fact that he never was able to win a best photo definitely knocks him a bit, but he was always a contender.

1st- Lindsey - I believe that I put the most effort into this competition. I dedicated so much time into finding a picture that I could be proud of showing you judges. Every picture I submitted had a slight touch of passion and understanding of what the judges were looking for and I believe it resonated and helped me obtain the record for the most best photo wins in a single season of Bella's Next Top Model. I'm proud of my body of work and what I was able to accomplish and I believe I should be awarded with the title.
194 days 13 hours ago
193 days 14 hours ago
~~ BLAKE'S FINALE CRITIQUES ~~ [not necessarily in order]

1. Hannah - No surprise that you look naturally stunning. Great bone structure, love the black and white color contrast. I feel like you're looking directly into my eyes, which conveys an emotionally strong photo to me as a judge. One thing is that you look slightly bored... it's hard to walk the line between giving face and looking bored. But overall, you're my favorite photoshoot photo by a good amount. Your reason for winning over Lindsay doesn't make sense though because she has been "kind and NEVER shady and always respect [her] fans"

2. Joss - I think this is a solid submission for a beauty shot, but I wish you or Lindsay had gone the natural route like Hannah did. You look fantastic, however, muted colors would work better for a beauty shot. I do think that your facial expression is the best of the three photos and I respect that it can be harder to find a male beauty shot as opposed to a female. I also respect that you put Lindsay above yourself to win, but don't count yourself out! :)

3. Lindsay - Ugh Lindsay I'm really not a fan of this photo. It looks very heavily edited, which beauty shots should not be. It looks like your skin was heavily FaceTuned and blurred out and your eyes look like they may have been color enhanced. I do love your hair and how it frames your face and your eye contact is strong like Hannah's. However, I would not put this on the front cover of my mag. I think you have the best argument for winning however and you have the best resume hands down. So will that be enough to make up for this mediocre final photoshoot submission?
193 days 11 hours ago
Photoshoot Critiques:



First of all I have to agree with Blake and say I don’t understand your reasonings for your rankings, but I appreciate that everyone has their own opinions! Moving onto this shot I am seeing a natural beauty shot where your skin looks flawless due to great use of lighting. However I am just not amazed by it to be honest. In a beauty shot you don’t normally see hands and I feel like that is really making this photo become very boring. BUT that does not take away the fact that you have been an amazing model throughout this season!


Ahhh Joss you are so super sweet and I love that about your modelling personality <3 In regards to your photo I have to disagree with Blake and say that I feel like this is very natural! I feel like maybe the lighting gives your eyes that editorial vibe but that should discourage that your face looks beautiful and I could so see this on the front of a cover magazine. And that head tilt is just to die for, very in right now and high-fashion. My second favourite photo from you as I still love your photoshoot submission from last week.


Ohhhh Lindsey Queen you have just too much make-up on in this shot for it too be an amazing beauty shot. I do like the hair and your face is stunning but if you simply got rid of that lipstick I would of so scored you higher. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice photo and I like the mystery to it. You have for sure provided me a beauty shot, but one that is very modern and editorial. From looking at the other models shots, are they better than yours??

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