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~Bella's Next Top Model History~

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1354 days 4 hours ago
~Season 1~
Beginners Luck!
Judges: Me (Bella1), Terrance (Imgonnawin) and Lauren (Thumper91)!
1st: Kasia.Z (K4R4K) WINNER
2nd: Augustus.R (Maicolx3) Runner-Up
3rd: Abel.D (Russell11) Third Place
4th: Alexandria.B (Michele990) ELIMINATED
5th: Alisa.M (Scoobydoofruitsnacks) ELIMINATED
6th: Paris.J (gagaluv) ELIMINATED
7th: Rafael.M (Kgamer2218) ELIMINATED
8th: Jude.J (DrG2) PULLED OUT
9th: Carmen.D (CoolKat) ELIMINATED
10th: Melanie.V (LivvieBoo12) DISQUALIFIED
11th: Mi-Jin.P (Ribbons) ELIMINATED
12th: Hali.R (KittyKatz553) ELIMINATED
13th: Christian.B (ITy990) ELIMINATED
14th: Charlotte.L (XoXu) PULLED OUT
15th: GunHee.L (Josiahsurvivor) ELIMINATED
16th: Gabriel.S (Ruby123) ELIMINATED
1354 days 4 hours ago
~Season 2~
~Survive or Survive~
Judges: Me (Bella1), Terrance (Imgonnawin) and Kasia (K4R4K)!
•Placements: •
1st: Valentin Rose//20//Freehold, New Jersey (Maicolx3) WINNER
2nd: Mason Charm//26//Los Angeles, California (CoolKat) ELIMINATED
3rd: September Banks//16//Houston, Texas (Michelle990) ELIMINATED
4th: Bridgette Walsh//23//Denver, Colorado (ronnie336) ELIMINATED
5th: James Tyler//23//Charlotte, North Carolina (JoshBB1999) ELIMINATED
6th: Stacey Barczak//21//Poland (Crocadilly) DISQUALIFIED/PULLED OUT
7th: Abel DaCosta//21//NYC, USA (Russell11) ELIMINATED
8th: Kendall Jenner//22//Los Angeles, California (JameLu) ELIMINATED
9th: Angela Baby//28//Shanghai, China (Montenegro) ELIMINATED
10th: Valentina Evangelista//24//Honeymoon Avenue (ninjohn) ELIMINATED
11th: Kaitlin Fox//22//Laurel Springs, New Jersey (Tommy123) ELIMINATED
12th: Sean O' Pry//28//Kennesaw, Ga (imprincearthur) ELIMINATED
13th: Harmony Auri//22//Britain (BritishRomeo17) ELIMINATED
14th: K Lowder//26//Moscow (texty) DISQUALIFIED
15th: Scarlett Johannsson//23//NYC, USA (aria_grande) ELIMINATED
16th: Rafael Marti//22//Mexico City, Mexico (Kgamer2218) ELIMINATED
17th: Pietro Boselli//28//Scotland (CindyL) DISQUALIFIED
1190 days 16 hours ago
~Season 3~
~Big Brother Twist~
Judges: Me (Bella1) and Kara (K4R4K)!
1st: Blake Lazaretta//23//Rome, Italy (bambinoswag) WON 5-1 IN JURY VOTE
2nd: Zya Washington//19//Hawaii, Honolulu (MelindaMrskk) ELIMINATED 1-5 IN JURY VOTE
3rd: Angelique Carver//20//Brazil, Brazilia (CoolKat) ELIMINATED 33.3% Against Kellan (C_shizz96) 16.7% and Blake (bambinoswag) 50.0%
4th: Kellan Lepore//22//Greenwich, Connecticut (C_Shizz96) ELIMINATED 16.7% Against Angelique (coolkat) 33.3% and Blake (bambinoswag) 50.0%
5th: Moo D//21//London, United Kingdom (Sloth_Roman) ELIMINATED 33.3% Against Angelique (Coolkat) 66.7%
6th: Kasia-Leigh Hickman//22//Birmingham England (Aria_Grande) ELIMINATED
7th: Laurent Priest//21//Miami, Florida (AintItFun) ELIMINATED 44.6% Against Kasia-Leigh (Aria_Grande) 55.4%
8th: Alessio Ondategui//21//Puerto Rico (Nichole98) ELIMINATED 35.7% Against Laurent (AintItFun) 64.3%
9th: HaillyAsha Sistines//40//Decatur, Georgia (CalebDaBoss) ELIMINATED 38.9% Against Kasia-Leigh (Aria_Grande) 61.9%
10th: Edward Wilding//25//USA (imprincearthur) ELIMINATED 33.3% Against Alessio (Nichole98) 66.7%
11th: Kimberly-Ann//16//Las Vegas, USA (Michelle990) DISQUALIFIED
12th: Zach Pine //18//Laurel Springs, NJ (Tommy123) ELIMINATED 33.3% Against Kasia-Leigh (Aria_Grande) 66.7%
13th: Adriana Lima//36//Salvador, Brazil (ParvatiS) ELIMINATED 44.4% Against Moo (Sloth_Roman) 55.6%

~Season Awards:~

• Fan Favourite: 1. Angelique (Coolkat) 50.0%// 2. Kasia-Leigh (Aria_Grande) 28.6%// 3. Moo (Sloth_Roman) 21.4%
• Best Best Photo: 1. Zya (MelindaMrskk) 66.7%// 2. Blake (bambinoswag) 28.6%// 3. Laurent (AintItFun) 4.8%
• Sexiest Model: 1. Kellan (C_Shizz96) 50.0%// 2. Alessio (Nichole98) 43.8%// 3. HaillyAsha (CalebDaBoss) 6.2%
1158 days 2 hours ago
~Season 4~
~Around The World~
Judges: Me (Bella1) and Blake (Bambinoswag) and Patrick (Grrrimabear)
1st: Hannah Evans//18//Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (MelindaMrskk)
2nd: Lindsey Anson//18//Portland, Oregon, USA (Emotion)
3rd: Joss Mooney//30//United Kingdom (Latisha0987)
~~~~~~~~FINAL WEEK! Hannah (MelindaMrskk) and Joss (Latisha0987) drew in Elimination Poll with 50% so both were sent to Final! ~~~~~~~~~~~~
4th: Moo D//21//Uganda (Sloth_Roman) ELIMINATED
5th: Andrew Cee//20//New York City, USA (Coolkat) ELIMINATED 40.4% Against Lindsey (Emotion) 59.6%
6th: Bianca Martinez//21//Boston, Massachusetts (AintItFun) ELIMINATED 35% Against Joss (Latisha0987) 65%
~~~~~~RETURN OF A MODEL!~~~~~~
7th: Brianna Mimi//22//Brazil (boozes) ELIMINATED 35.3% Against Andrew (CoolKat) 64.7%
8th: Blossom Webz//21//New York City, USA (Yellowpenguin) ELIMINATED
ELIMINATED BUT RETURNED: Hannah Evans//18//Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (MelindaMrskk) ELIMINATED 47.3% Against Blossom (YellowPenguin) 52.7%
9th: Trystan Dupree//26//Lagos, Nigeria (Neme91) ELIMINATED 25% Against Andrew (CoolKat) 75%
10th: Khalani Weathers//18//Los Angeles, USA (Iconique) ELIMINATED 25% Against Bianca (AintItFun) 50% AND Trystan (Neme91)25%
11th: Thomas Mott//20//Louisville, Kentucky, USA (imprincearthur) ELIMINATED 38.5% Against Bianca (AintItFun) 61.5%
12th:  Kayla Ralu//19//Las Vegas, USA (Aria_Grande) ELIMINATED 25% Against Libertie (CalebDaBoss) 14.3% and Andrew (CoolKat) 60.7%
13th: Libertie Grey//18//Albuquergue, New Mexico (CalebDaBoss) ELIMINATED 14.3% Against Kayla (Aria_Grande) 25% and Andrew (CoolKat) 60.7%
14th: Melody Pine//26//Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA (Tommy123) ELIMINATED 45.5% Against Kayla (Aria_Grande) 54.5%
15th: Shasa Howe//20//Madrid, Spain (FoxyWinters) DISQUALIFIED

~Season Awards:~

> Fan Favourite: 1. Andrew (CoolKat) 54.5%// 2. Hannah (MelindaMrsKK) 45.5%// 3. Bianca (AintItFun) 0%
> Best Best Photo: 1. Lindsey (Emotion) 64.7%// 2. Moo (Sloth_Roman) 23.5%// 3. Brianna (Boozes) 11.8%
> Sexiest Model: 1. Joss (Latisha0987) 63.2%// 2. Kayla (Aria_Grande) 31.6%// 3. Blossom (YellowPenguin) 5.3%
1070 days 5 hours ago
~Season 5~:
~Battle of The Sexes!~
~Judges: Me (Bella1) and Hannah (MelindaMrsKK) and Patrick (GrrrImABear)

1st: Tatiana Gonzales//22//Maui, Hawaii (Boozes)
2nd: Jakob Albertsson//21//Reykjavik, Iceland (LenaRose)
3rd: Alexandria Lavender//17//London, England (Michelle990) ELIMINATED 41.2% Against Jakob (LenaRose) 58.8%
4th: Chloe Laine//22//Reading, Pennsylvania (SummerRae101) ELIMINATED
5th: Tristian Venturi//24//Florence, Italy (IceBear) DISQUALIFIED
6th: Ally Rhodes//26//Sydney, Australia (Aria_grande) ELIMINATED 44.4% Against Chloe (SummerRae101) 55.6%
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TRIP TO LONDON, ENGLAND~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
7th: Erin Windsor//23//Boston, Massachusetts (Ribbons) ELIMINATED 33.3% Against Chloe (SummerRae101) 66.7%
8th: Carter Swift//23//London, England (CoolKat) ELIMINATED 42.1% Against Jakob (LenaRose) 57.9%
9th: Clay Honeycutt//26//College Station, Texas (Latisha0987) PULLED-OUT
10th: Archie Wheeler//23//California, USA (Rubes) ELIMINATED 21.2% Against Jakob (LenaRose) 81.8%
11th: Clementine Parker//21//Palo Alto, California (Girlnextdoor) ELIMINATED 40% Against Alexandria (Michelle990) 60%
12th: Zach Pine//18//Laurel Springs, New Jersey (Tommy123) ELIMINATED 23.8% Against Carter (CoolKat) 76.2%

~Season Awards:~

> Fan Favourite: 1. Jakob (LenaRose) 60.7%// 2. Alexandria (Michelle990) 21.4%// 3. Chloe (SummerRae101) 17.9%
> Best Best Photos: 1. Ally (Aria_Grande) 48%// 2. Tristan (IceBear) 36%// 3. Tatiana (Boozes) 16%
> Sexiest Model: 1. Erin (Ribbons) 47.6%// 2. Carter (CoolKat)// 3. Archie (Rubes) 9.5%
1057 days 9 hours ago
~Seaosn 6~:
~Drag Up Your Life!~
~Judges: Me (Bella1), Kasia (K4R4K) and Tatiana (Boozes)


1st: Jinsoul Jung//21//Seoul, South Korea (SeongWoo)
2nd: Ali Maritz//20//Quetta, Pakistan (Aquali)
3rd: Crystal Robins//24//Nashville, Tennessee (Rubes)
4th: Gemini Waters//17//Brooklyn, New York (Ajathekween) ELIMINATED
5th: Camila Gold//18//Madrid, Spain (FoxyWinters) PULLED-OUT
6th: Astrid Dent//17//Edinburgh, Scotland (Michelle990) ELIMINATED
7th: Jada Elvett//23//Malmö, Sweden (CoolKat) ELIMINATED
8th: Kendall-Rae Williams//24//Birmingham, England (aria_grande) ELIMINATED
9th: Rai-Elle Williams//22//London, England (BritishRomeo17) ELIMINATED
10th: Alexa Knight//21//Laurel Springs, New Jersey (Tommy123) ELIMINATED

~Season Awards~:

> Fan Favourite: 1. Jada (CoolKat) 22.2%// 2. Jinsoul (SeongWoo) 16.7%

> Best Best Photo: 1. Crystal (Rubes) and Jinsoul (SeongWoo) 41.7%// 2. Astrid (Michelle990) 16.7%

>Sexiest Model: 1. Camila (FoxyWinters) and Ali (Aquali) 45.5%// 2. Gemini (Ajathekween) 9.1%
1038 days 17 hours ago
~No One Is Safe!~
~ Judges: Me (Bella1), Tatiana (Boozes) and Jinsoul (SeongWoo)


1st: Stormer Summers//19// Boston, Massachusetts, USA// (AJATHEKWEEN)
2nd: Angelica Lush//22// Edmonton Alberta, Canada// (NOXITY)
3rd: Crystal Robins//25//Nashville, Tennessee (Rubes) ELIMINATED
4th: Raymond Travers//25// Calgary, Canada// (COOLKAT) ELIMINATED
5th: Ryan Delawrence//24// Columbus Ohio, USA// (ARIA_GRANDE) DISQUALIFIED
6th Li Anna Bradfield//52// Siberia, Russia// (CALEBDABOSS) ELIMINATED
7th: Katarzyna Davies//17// Texas, USA// (LEGACY7) ELIMINATED
8th: Karla Heinz//24// Seattle, USA// (JENNAVALENTINA) DISQUALIFIED
9th: Bella Conyngham//18// Auckland, New Zealand// (JOSIAHSURVIVOR) ELIMINATED
10th: Zya Washington//24//Hawaii, Honolulu (MelindaMrskk) ELIMINATED
11th: Cody Grey//23// London, England// (TWOSHAWN3) ELIMINATED
12th: Sierra Del Rio//20// Mails, Phillipines// (ANDR31) ELIMINATED
13th: Allen Mott//21// Louisville Kentucky, USA// (IMPRINCEARTHUR) ELIMINATED
14th: Charm Ives//19// New York, USA// (YASGAGA) ELIMINATED
15th: Mark Davies//25// Melbourne, Australia// (PIESYUMYYUMYPIES) ELIMINATED
16th: Hermione Armoniosa//17// Lille, France// (COOKIE_13) DISQUALIFIED

~Season Awards~:

> Fan Favourite: 1. Crystal (Rubes)// 2. Zya (MelindaMrskk)// 3. Li (CalebDaBoss)

> Best Best Photos: 1. Bella (Josiahsurvivor)// 2. Angelica (Noxity)// 3. Stormer (Ajathekween)

> Sexiest Model: 1. Raymond (CoolKat)// 2. Katarzyna (Legacy7)// 3. Ryan (Aria_Grande)
981 days 16 hours ago
~Season 8~
~Miss World~
~Judges: Me (Bella1) and Stormer (Ajathekween)~


1st: Imani Williams//24//Kingston, Jamaica (Rubes) MISS JAMAICA 🇯🇲
2nd: Lautrec//19// New York City, USA (Cyclone) MISS ITALY 🇮🇹 !HAD TO LEAVE!
3rd: Allegra Cherry//19//Brasília, Brazil (MelindaMrsKK) MISS MEXICO 🇲🇽
4th: Aise Maritz//21//Quetta, Pakistan (Aquali) MISS PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 
5TH: Rachel Swindler//27//Las Vegas, Nevada (Tommy123) MISS AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺
6TH: Xessica Saint//19//California, USA (MJFJUNE) MISS USA 🇺🇸
7th: Amy Guanlin//19//Seoul, South Korea (SeongWoo) MISS SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷
8th: Chelsea Concordia//22//London, Ontario (Noxity) MISS CANADA 🇨🇦
9th: Tina Hamasaki//22// Unknown (Kgamer2218) MISS JAPAN 🇯🇵
10th: Natalia Garcia//21//New Jersey, USA (MaicolX3) MISS ECUADOR 🇪🇨
11th: Gemma Rae//16//London, England (Apples22) MISS ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
12th: Fumi Okafor//19// Los Angeles, USA (zh1999) MISS NIGERIA 🇳🇬

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