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69 days 4 hours ago
For the challenge, you will be doing this basic Survivor quiz ( ), and we will take the AVERAGE time throughout the tribe, meaning if somebody doesn't submit, their time will be 0:00 (it starts at 7:00 and goes down), making their tribe's average significantly lower

You can only submit ONE time, so don't submit until you're happy with your time, and you must have either your skype or TG open in the screenshot. You have until 5pm EST tomorrow to submit to both me and Alan.

BUT, there is a twist. TWO tribes will be going to Tribal Council, meaning only the tribe with the highest average time will be safe from the vote.

There will be a tribe swap after the two tribal councils, and the person with the most amount of votes WITHOUT being voted out will start off the schoolyard pick for new tribes.
67 days 14 hours ago

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