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Reunion TBD đź’š
272 days 14 hours ago
Edit after writing: This is way longer than I expected so feel free to pick and choose what to read but I touch on almost every aspect of my game in this speech.

Hey guys! I wanna say out the gate that I know I did not manage the jury well and I know that’s gonna be my biggest flaw but for me I just wanted to be as real as possible. So unless it benefited my game, I would have told the truth or simply not talked to people whom I didn’t feel like speaking with. That’s a large reason why I had little contact with you, the zombies. I didn’t wanna butter you up and be sleepy. I made promises to two jurors and they were the ones I intended to keep. Everyone else I made sure I just knew where they were voting through info in the game so I could plan accordingly. So it was less about control and more about assuring I know where the pieces lie in order to keep myself in another day. I learned quickly that I could let people do the heavy lifting on the zombies while I worked around the people in the game. This kept my focus on the prize and helped me to hone in on relationships and make people feel safe with me.

Starting the game I wanted this to be fun. I wasn’t here to be a boring game-bot like I usually am because Ikah cast us for a reason. I mean, he turned down like 13 people for us so clearly we had something to offer and I wanted to fulfill what Ikah cast me for. That’s when I decided this season I was going to be the drama maker and the outspoken one. However, I knew that I had to back that drama up with strategy which is where my target-plan began. My idea was to make up for my big personality that I needed to always have a known target in the game that way people would know I’m not after them and they can use me as a shield. This allowed me to target whoever I wanted which not only kept me safe, but always led to whoever I targeted’s eviction. I knew I wouldn’t make it trying to play UTR either so I went completely in the opposite direction and played a very Tony-like game where I controlled things by simply being the main voice speaking out.

Team rounds:
When the game began I got my entire tribe to dedicate the name after the one and only Tim Lionsden. This was a way for me to show my new gameplay out of the gates and also being vocal helped the other teams want to keep me around over my tribe mates like Keith and Kevin who got targeted early. On such small tribes I knew that I had to stand out so I wouldn’t be the one out of the four targeted because there’s no room for error there. Doing this and creating a common enemy also allowed my tribe to bond more than any other (that and the tribals we attended) which is where the final 2 I made with Ethan began. I did intend to flip on him at 4 but I was a little too late but I made the gamble as to whether Ryan or Ethan would beat me at final immunity and I chose wrong. I’ll talk more to that later because I do have further to say. With Tim leaving early I doubled down on my Jake target and threw Rose and Robin in as sub-targets because I needed options in case I got swapped. Yes, there’s a risk to openly coming for people like I did but I could tell this was a very calculated and strategic cast so I figured they would keep the heat off me since I could be a number and a shield for them. Honestly, this outspokenness is what gave me the inroads to most of my relationships so I do think I played the best I could. Regardless, those first days are what laid the groundwork for my future.

First Tribes:
This is where my strategy began to show its flaws. I received votes at both tribals I attended, however, I was able to pair up with Washed and join forces with #TheStoners who saved my life here and targeted Jake with me. I won’t claim I had power here because I do think Patrick was the driving force behind this but I knew I was safe given my relationship with him and the reputation I had built. I think that’s a main point to my game. I may not have held power (until the end game I’d say at least) but I made sure I set myself up to move forward because this game was long and I didn’t need to control things until it was crunch time. My goal here was to make sure I got my name in the open as a big guy while forming bonds to use later when I needed to make a change happen. Sandra Diaz-Twine was a big inspiration for me because she did this in HvV where she was against Russel but knew when to go for it and waited. Obviously she never stuck because saw where the cards were. For me I did a similar thing by being upfront and in your face but sitting back and making sure I had the bonds necessary to get far. I think a mistake many of us fans make is playing too hard so I stepped back and allowed myself to focus on day 39 like Sandra and that’s what gave me the ability to make it through these votes and ultimately pull off some good flips in the late merge. Sadly this is the cycle Pietro left and I did want to work with him but as I said I was being adaptable and he was just put into a very bad situation with this cast as a whole and couldn’t shake his treat level. I also feel I owe Jake an apology for targeting him out of nowhere. I just knew I needed someone to target and based on Graveyard you seemed like someone who wouldn’t lash out too much after being called out.

This swap is another where I really focused on relationship building. I got close to Gavin here and solidified my bonds with Cody, Ethan, Logan, and Kiara. I really wanted Billy to go because I knew he was closer with other people (i.e. Gavin) and I wanted them to myself. I felt extremely safe on this tribe so honestly there was a lot of just social play here. I think what makes my game so unique compared to Juan and Ethan is how adaptable I was. I mean I got some weird swaps but I always made them work to my best interest or at the very least had people around who I could trust to protect me. I knew y’all would be too good to manipulate so I did play passively at times and aggressive at others. I think that is what makes a good player and it’s what I attribute most of my success to. As long as it’s not me kept me on my toes and saved my on multiple occasions.

Rose Vote:
This vote I reigned it in a lot. I openly targeted Rose and Robin to further my bonds with the people I wasn’t after and I kinda just let people direct the vote so that I could fade into the background and build trust. Ethan was getting majority (probably?) but even if he wasn’t he told us about his idol and allowed me to really push for the vote to flip to Rose where she was then idled out. I don’t think I was the biggest factor here because as I said, I was laying low, But I do believe I helped push the vote onto Rose which allowed me to focus on just Robin for the time being. Again I owe another apology here because Robin pointed out I was getting rude to her (although the comments I made in that instance I stand by, Rose you are a terrible survivor player), I do think my trolling her was a bit much after she asked me to stop several times. That’s the one thing I think went slightly beyond game for me and I’m not proud of that. Regardless, it was great for my game to see Rose leave because It cleared up room for relationships.

I had bonded some with Kiara so losing her here hurt some but I feel she was closer to some others so ultimately I was fine with it. Again, I laid low here and continued to target Robin which actually went through but Gavin caught wind of it and played his idol. I really wasn’t worried at this point though because I knew I was one of the least likely yo get votes since I had not yet burned my bridge with Ethan Cow and Hufus. Funnily enough this is the round where I began that plan to flip on them. SO Cody had been playing super hard and he made several chats, one of which was me, him, Hufus, and Cow. This got me thinking about how I should go about things. I began really working on my relationship with Gavin and Juan specifically. I rekindled the kinda final 2 me and Juan had made from the very beginning and really bonded with Gavin over how we planned to come together when the time was right. These two bonds are what carried me throughout the rest of the game. I knew Cow and Hufus were smarter than to trust me so making these sort of parachute alliances from their “side” at the time kept the target off me for at least the next few votes. I also formed “The Vegans” alliance around this time because I introduced Ethan and Juan indirectly and we all bonded super well and decided to make that final 3.  I excelled in the area of making my self so we’ll insulated that when I did go for the big moves I was planning, I wouldn’t be flipped on because I had some sort of final 2/3 with everyone that I planned to make the moves with.

SO on a personal level losing Nathan sucked but I could tell he was a force to be reckoned with so losing him was overall a good thing for me. On his way out I asked him to play my voodoo as well for a couple reasons: 1. It’s out of the game and I can relax and 2. I had deniability in case my allies got mad at me. Obviously this is where the sides kinda began to form but as I said, I still had Robin as my “public enemy” and made bonds with everyone so I wasn’t too worried about being the target in case my side lost the war (which we did lol). This round also began the CocoCunts alliance. With me and Robin. He was the one who initiated this so I won’t try to take credit but I do think this again shows my adaptability. Robin and I think had a mutual respect for one-another and he used that to really make an in roads with me. Now, I wasn’t fully loyal to him but this idea of my public enemy no longer being my real enemy made me even more secure in the war of the two sides. I was able to at least seem authentic enough to have Robin protect me for a bit and even form an alliance with Gavin, Robin and Ethan. I believe this is where Ethan informed me of his idol as well which helps so much because the only thing better than advantages and power in this game is knowledge. Knowing about his idol made me even more confident in my plan to get together a group in the future so I went to work bonding with almost everyone so that whoever left, I could work with those still in the game. Again, that’s a key element to how I played. I knew I wouldn’t direct every vote so I was prepared to deal with whoever stayed at the mercy of the people running things. (I do think I dropped the ball socially with Billy and Ester as I had treated them like zombies still and that was a flaw in my game).I won’t pretend I was in power but I will say I was prepared and geared up to seat myself in power in the future.

This round I will credit to Ethan. He was the one who made the screenshot and exposed Logan. However, I took advantage of this round by working even more socially. I think that’s where my game stand out in comparison to Ethan. Ethan came in with friends and relationships while I had to work on mine. I really bonded with Ryan around this time which I hadn’t done as well before. I was still going with the flow because I knew it wasn’t time and I didn’t wanna get too fancy. I pulled from Danielle Reyes here by listening to the quote: “Keep your mouth closed and your eyes open” which really helped me to reign in my antics and focus on the future. Logan was someone I liked personally but I had to let it go in order to maintain the adaptable game I had worked so hard on.

As I mentioned I think I dropped the ball socially with Ester but I just didn’t want to be fake and I didn’t see him in my future plans. I knew we could vote Robin and get majority or at least tie but I also knew I could maybe do something with Robin and I was okay losing Ester to be honest so when I heard his name was out there, I kinda just let it go. I did vote Gavin here which I think hurt our bond some but I knew he’s is a very logical player and that I fit into his end game so he was quick to forgive and move past it. This is where I was finally set up to spend my social capital that I had built up. Ester going meant I had good bonds with everyone on my side and I could consider how to go about the flip. Not to mention I was able to bring back Patrick which is probably my best move of the entire game. Patrick served as not only a shield, but an in roads to Billy/Hufus. Literally without Patrick I don’t know if I can make the moves I do. He’s what gave me the confidence to gun hardcore for Cow (also I needed a new target since Robin was soon to be gone) and he’s literally the one who cracked the game wide open. And let me explain why I targeted Cow so hard as well:
1. I knew Cow was amazing at immunities so I figured he would start winning if he knew he was an active target.
2. He’s just genuinely a good player and I feared his ability
3. His “followers” as I referred to them would be very willing to flip on him since I had already been putting in work socially to make that happen.
4. Again, having this open target makes me so utterly valuable to those I’m working with
5. Finally, I knew calling him a jury threat, true or not, would put that notion into the game and completely ruin his chances to make it to final 3. That narrative is how I was able to get everyone to really climb aboard this idea and it’s what got me to where I am.
Cow was the hardest to target despite all the advantages because he is probably the best player in this game which means he knew exactly how to combat me. I quickly became a target for a few of them which got me votes but ultimately I was willing to take the heat because this is All-Stars and I wanted to win in the most bad-ass way possible.

This is similar to the Nathan vote for me. Cody was a HUGE threat so being in the minority didn’t bother me since I knew I had protection on the other side and likely wouldn’t be getting votes (I still had a relationship with Juan, Gavin, and Hufus at this point so I felt good). I wasn’t too worried about no one flipping because Patrick already put in work, but I still kept pushing my anti-cow agenda to try and use that when a flip did occur. Cody already proved to be a monster in the game at this point but he wouldn’t hold up later when he returned either.

I already spoke to this some but Patrick spear-headed this tribal. He already put in place an alliance of me, Hufus, Billy, Ethan and himself to try to blindside one of the other side. We all agreed that Robin was the best vote and kinda went with that. However, Cow was vulnerable so I really wanted to try something there. Me and Ethan waited til last minute where we spilled the plan to Robin/Gavin in order to flip them to vote against Cow. Sadly, Robin was very set on voting Pat and I knew Pat was better for my game than Robin was so I flipped back and decided to stick with Pat’s group to flip on Robin. I think this was such a crucial decision for me because I conceded defeat but still made the move to keep Pat who would ultimately serve as a target over me in the following vote when two idols are played and I very well could have been voted instead if not for Patrick being there. Genuinely I think If I didn’t bring Patrick back and keep him at the Robin vote that I would have been toast. This move shows just how even when I’m not in control I’m still able to guide the game to help me out in even the smallest of ways. These moves seems so passive but in reality they are the reason I survived. And before you ask yeah I credit Pat for a lot of my game and I am not afraid to admit it. He’s a fantastic player and I used his skill to benefit and protect me. Thank you Pat.

This is where I finally turned in my social capital. We formed the Rosé alliance here of myself, Juan, Ethan, Gavin, and Ryan which is what carried all of us through the final stretch. Now I do wanna say I don’t think any one person formed this. Ryan maybe played the biggest part as he got the ball rolling but we all had individual relationships which allowed for us to be put together naturally. My role in this alliance was funny because I had a final two with every single person. So I would go from one conversation to the next and feign ignorance about what’s going on. I also knew about another mini alliance forming I believe between like Gavin, Ryan and Ethan (correct me if that’s off cause I can’t remember the exact details) but I knew I was getting to the end if this group stayed together. I had parachute after parachute and only got voted at the final 5 and 4 because I outright admitted who I was voting (we’ll get to that). Obviously Hufus figured out the plan (idk if someone told him or he guessed cause I did a shit job at convincing lol) but I knew Pat was getting votes so I was protected from the double idol play. I also knew I couldn’t sit next to Pat cause I would vote him over me so I was fine losing him but I do wish he stayed just a few more votes as I lost my shield and became more vulnerable the following votes.

As soon as Hufus left this was an obvious one for me. Billy and I had very little contact and I needed him gone. Not to mention Cody returned which scared me because he knew I was us of him and I knew he was a good player and had potential to really flip the game on me. I wasn’t too worried about an Idol because I didn’t think Hufus would play one on Billy which is why I was okay receiving votes without a split. I did become a target for the other side though but I think that really goes to show that despite people warning about my game, I still managed to get by time after time and eventually showed that I am not to be messed with when I openly targeted Ryan and Gavin at the finals and they still left because I was that well insulated. I don’t think that Ethan had that same ability. He couldn’t be outfront because he didn’t have the same reputation as I did and his support system had me as a rat who was willing to turn on him while I knew I was making finals no matter what, as long as we maneuvered around Hufus’s idol.

This vote was simple for me. Everyone was running around and making up lies and shit but I knew where I stood and I knew I wasn/t getting votes this time around. This is yet another example of me taking a step back when I know I don’t need to work too hard because even if Cow had an idol, I figured I was fine and I was honestly fine losing anyone that wasn’t me. This also marked my final blow to my target strategy and I didn’t wanna rub it in because I already tanked his game and Cow is such a good player so I wanted to respect his potential exit.

As much as I would love to claim this round as my own, I really can’t. Gavin and Ryan are the ones who made this work for me so without him I probably leave. Our group of five all agreed to split, however, we needed the zombies for that to work. We assumed Hufus had the idol and that the zombies would vote him. This meant we could do 4–2-2 vote split and send out Hufus or Cody depending on the idol. Cody saved me in his decision on how to work the split. He proposed that me/Ethan be the ones to vote Cody since we knew our voodoo dolls were out of the game which meant we for sure had two on Hufus. Gavin saved me by changing the plan slightly to a 3-3-2 vote. He decided to vote Cody since we figured Hufus had the idol and if the zombies weren’t with us, at least the vote ties. If not for this, Hufus idols me about because we did not have the zombies.
It’s funny because this showcases the worst and best parts of my game. Obviously y’all were willing to vote me as zombies because I left a bad taste in your mouth and neglected that aspect of the game. Alternatively, My relationships with Ryan and Gavin saved my ass when I needed it most. Without these two to really formulate this plan I’d be gone. I knew I couldn’t me the mover and shaker strategically so I aligned with smart people like these two which saved me here and allowed me to basically secure my position in finals.

For me this was cut and dry. I knew with Hufus gone that I was in final three no matter what. Gavin and Ryan both trusted me individually and I have my final 2 with both Juan and Ethan and then my final 3 with them together. The only reason I got votes is because I told them I was voting them straight up because I’ve never been a fan of lying unnecessarily and since I knew Juan/Ethan wouldn’t flip on me, there was no reason for me to lie to either of them.
As for why I voted Ryan over Ethan:
1. I thought Ryan stood a better shot at final immunity and I wanted me/Juan/Gavin in finals so bad. I felt Ethan and Ryan were the two biggest jury threats so I took the gamble of voting Ryan thinking he would be more likely to win final immunity because in my mind I had to get them both out for the easiest win.
2. I didn’t want to go to final 4 with Juan/Gavin/Ryan. I think Juan would have stayed loyal even had I flipped on Ethan but even that’s unclear and I was very wary of Gavin/Ryan coming together as well. With Ethan/Juan/Gavin I knew for certain that I would be in finals regardless and to me getting to day 39 is so important. Having the opportunity to face the jury is so much more valuable than risking 4th when I know I played a hell of a game and I could potentially sway minds. And to be honest I do think Ethan worked under me in many scenarios and I wanted to prove that to y’all and what’s a better way to do it than against him? I would have forced a tie at 4 had Ethan lost immunity because I would rather be here against Gavin, but I do believe I played better than Ethan and Juan and I would love for you guys to ask me questions to see for yourselves.
Juan became my real final 2 around f8 or so because I knew he was around my level of gameplay and he and I have worked together since Graveyard.

Overall I don’t think I controlled every vote because none of us did, but I do think I played the best game I could given how I wanted to play. This is an All-Stars season, Ikahns, legends, and I wanted to be here and live up to the expectations that Ikah had for me and I truly believe I did that. I brought drama, I started fights, and I was outspoken all while maintaining a good strategic and social game. I believe I played the most well-rounded game out of the entire cast. After all, this isn’t real survivor so part of our job is to have fun and entertain and I believe I did that to the max. Feel free to correct me and ask questions because there are still so many things I don’t know about this season and I would love to discuss.

Thank you guys for such a great season and a great send off to my teen-aged career.
272 days 2 hours ago
Hellooo jury, I think everyone's perception of me is that I was a sheep and luckily got dragged to the FTC but that is not the case and I hope you guys can see that for yourselves.

Before I start talking about my whole game, I do have to address me not speaking to the zombies ever. I had little to no conversation with most of you guys while you were in the game, a couple of you got voted out before I even went to my first tribal council and the other zombies were voted out by me (minus Rose/Robin) SO seeing as I had no relationship with most of you + you had a consistent target of Robin for most of the game, I just did not think it would be productive to talk to people I had never spoken to or that I had voted out and tell them how to vote. I wish I had reached out and gotten to know all of you better but I had to focus on my relationships with people left IN the game, which led to me making it to F3.

---Pre-Tribe Formation---
I did not attend tribal council until F18 which I think did hurt my game a little bit since I started building trust with people (which can realistically only be done in tribal councils) wayy after everyone else. At this stage of the game I pretty much only talked to Hufus and we did become close after winning all those challenges.

---Tribe Formation + Swap---
In Bekir, I clicked with Robin and we became very close really quickly. At my first tribal council I was almost voted out, this was a wake up call cause I was just planning to go UTR for at least all of pre-merge but I ended up being an easy target and getting votes. My relationships with Hufus and Robin came in handy though as they kept me. Also, Robin did end up convincing the Zombies + Ethan Cow to vote Conrad. I was definitely not the mastermind behind majority of the votes but I did always have people looking out for me because of my strong relationships with them. My social game is my biggest strength and I always align myself with people that are easy to talk to because we can become close quickly.

After the Conrad vote, an alliance was established of Robin, Hufus, Cow, and I. We were then the majority in Bekir.

Hufus came to me during the Ester vote about voting Robin out and I actually considered it a lot right before the votes were due. Ester and I just did not talk enough for me to flip on Robin at this point but I think this shows that my relationships payed off cause I was not just left in the dark about other possible plans throughout the game.

Then we swapped and we all stayed together and ran our new tribe, Ikah, as well. Rose also joined our alliance and we became a group of 5. I did not want Washed to go but there was really no saving him and I knew that my path to getting to merge was sticking with this group of 5 so he had to go unfortunately. After this we voted Patrick off.

Coming into merge, I do not think I was on anyone's mind which was great for me. My strategy at this point was making solid bonds once again but outside of my alliance. In Graveyard, my downfall was only sticking to my side and then when all of their asses got voted off early on in the merge... There was not much I could do cause I had no relationships with anyone else and was at the mercy of evil tyrants (looks at Graveyard zombies). Anyway, I did not want that to happen to me again. I needed a back up plan in case something went wrong with my group of Robin/Hufus/Cow/Rose. This is when I started talking to David and Ethann more.

---Rose Vote---
I was very honest with Ethann and told him that I did not think he was staying and I was going to vote him off just because I hate giving people false hope then proceeding to vote them off. This ended up working to my advantage since he played an idol (he later told me I was the reason he played it, whether this is true or not, I now had an ally in Ethann and he trusted me more than all the other people who voted him off). Rose going was not the worst case scenario for me because she was the person that I was the least close to out of everyone in our alliance at this point.

---Kiara Vote---
Now our alliance consisted of Robin/Hufus/Cow/Billy/Gavin. With this big alliance I definitely felt like I was on the bottom. Outside of the alliance chat, I only really talked game with Robin and this is where I started to became closer with Ethann than with most of my alliance. By now, Ethann and I were trying to keep our sides from targeting each other.

---Nathan Vote---
I think after the Kiara vote, we established "The Vegans" with David/Ethann/myself. David and I hadn't spoken game THAT much up until this point but this is where we started becoming closer as well.

These votes (Kiara + Nathan) I really did not care about who was going. If I was not talking to them, I was fine with voting them out. I just wanted all of my allies in the game so I could decide what to do later on and not just be confined to one side. Everyone who was not my ally was a target to me so I was okay with voting them out.

---Logan Vote---
This is where my game and alliance with Ethann took off. My side wanted to do Ethann and everyone was set on doing it but I did not want him to go obviously. A hot topic in the chat was Logan leaking votes and everyone being super mad at him and saying if he leaked this vote then we should all just vote him out. SO I told Ethann that he was in trouble but that we can get him to stay if he told Cow/Robin/whoever that Logan leaked the vote to him. I knew this would get them riled up and the vote would change to Logan. Ethann did do most of the work here (cause he was on the line) and made a fake screenshot or idk what he did BUT the plan was my idea. Ethann would not have thought this up by himself cause he just did not know the dynamics of “my side”, we both benefited from being on separate sides and used this to keep each other safe.

Funny thing is, Logan did ACTUALLY leak the vote and he ended up going anyway. I do think the plan would have worked regardless and I'm sorry to Logan for praying on his downfall before his birthday. But either way, Ethann now had my back 100% and I had his.

---Ester/Cody Vote---
I just want to say that other than the Logan vote where Ethann was in danger. I never leaked who our side was voting. As long as our sides were not voting out each other, Ethann and I remained loyal to them. I think my unwillingness to flip on my side this early got on David's nerves a little BUT I knew this was not the right time to do it.

These votes were pretty straightforward. I had voted Ester out already so voting him out again made sense. Cody was someone I wanted out since he was a big threat and I knew Ethann was very close to him so him leaving was best for my game too. Around this time, Robin also came to me and said how Cow/Hufus have probably been leaking the vote to Cody. This shows how many people trusted me at once. Robin, Ethann, and David were all sharing information with me.

---Robin Vote---
I was out all day so I missed all of the drama but was very shocked to see Robin go. Although I did like Robin, I was not that sad when he got voted off since he was a MASSIVE threat. He always knew what was going on and was just very smart and intuitive. This vote really solidified my path to the FTC as I would've had a hard time turning on Robin later on and it was just the perfect timing for me.

---Patrick Vote---
Now the people who did not vote Robin out had a reason to flip and I knew that now was the time to do so. This is when I actually became close with Gavin since we had not talked much previously as I just thought he was tight with Billy. We got along very well and we became very tight in a short amount of time mostly due to our shared sheep status. By now, I had not spoken to Hufus one on one about the game in a while so I was okay with voting him out. I felt that he was closer with Billy and Cow at this point and I was at the bottom of the alliance.

Once Hufus played his idol, Ethann played his idol on me. He did not play it on Ester/Cody the previous votes but when he thought I was at risk he played it on me. This vote specifically is what led to Gavin and I being called sheep etc. but I genuinely do not see myself as a sheep. Ethann would not have wasted his idol (when he could've used it to save himself in the future) on a random sheep he was using for votes. I had saved his ass early on in merge and now he was going to save mine. The idol ended up going to waste but still it was the thought that counts and I really appreciated it.

---Billy Vote---
Now the "Rosé" alliance was formed with Gavin/Ryan/David/Ethann/Me (this would end up being the F5). Now that I had made enemies with Cow/Hufus, there really was no point in me flipping back and voting David out this round. In a scenario where David goes, I just would've made more enemies and would not be here right now. Billy was an easy vote since I never spoke to him

---Ethan Cow Vote---
This vote I was on the line once again. However, I trusted that people would keep their word and not vote me out which they did. Ethann and Ryan lied to Cody, who they had previously been aligned and close with, by saying I was gunning for him to prevent the idol from being correctly used on Cow.  I knew I had people who were keeping me safe no matter what.

---Cody/Hufus Vote---
By now I was confident that I wanted to go to F5 with the "Rosé" alliance cause if Cody/Hufus made FTC they would win for sure. I did not try to flip the vote either of these times just because, as I said before, there was no need to. I saw myself being in a great position (which looking back I was right) so by somehow causing Cody/Hufus to stay... I would have lost trust with Ethann/David and I was not even in a great position with Cody/Hufus so it just was not the right move for me.

---Ryan Vote---
Out of everyone in the "Rosé" alliance, I had talked to Ryan the least and had no clue what his plans were so voting him out at F5 really guaranteed my spot in the FTC. I obviously was not 100% sure that David/Ethann/Gavin would all take me to F3 however I was confident that I was in great terms with all of them + I was not the biggest threat left in the game. I also won individual immunity here! I do not think I needed it but it’s better to be safe than not at all so I had guaranteed myself F4 at this point.

---Gavin Vote---
Voting out Gavin was the hardest decision I made because it just sucked so much and I was so close to everyone in this F4. We became so close in such little time but I was going to be loyal to my F3 cause that is just how I play. I could lie and say that voting him out was strategic and it gave me the best chance at winning but ultimately the only reason was that I was going to stay loyal to Ethann/David but Gavin was a huge threat as well.

Had Gavin won immunity, I still think I would be in the F3. David mentioned he would've voted Ethann out and I probably would've tied the vote so it would've gone to firemaking between David/Ethann just cause Ethann was my closest ally for pretty much all of merge.

To summarize:
This speech is all over the place BUT I do think my social game was stronger than David’s and Ethann’s. I know I did not speak to EVERYONE so how could I have a good social game when I did not reach out to so many people ? I don't think having a good social game means being best friends with everyone, I did not talk to some people cause I knew I was not going to work with them at all. The bonds I did have kept me safe throughout the WHOLE game and more specifically merge. The most votes I got in merge were 3 and this was after I flipped and broke ties with Cow/Hufus. I was in an alliance of 6 people + was tight with David and Ethann for most of the merge. I was strategic when I needed to be to save my close allies, for example the Logan vote. I found 0 voodoo dolls and had 0 idols but put myself in a position where I did not need them. I also won two individual immunities so like I was sort of physical too. Just a well rounded player I think. I played an UTR game and played two sides successfully while making sure my closest allies were all safe and that I did not get caught, which I did not.

I hope this speech showed you guys the kind of game I played. I hope to clear anything up with the questions you ask me! Thank you :)
272 days 1 hour ago
I also have a super long speech lol but this was a super long game.

Hello everyone, it was truly great and an honor to play this game with each and every single one of you and I am excited to see your questions. For me, coming into this season meant redemption and I worked my ass off to get to where I am. In my original season, I made many mistakes like needing to be in control and for playing for both me and Cody instead of myself which landed me in 7th place. But coming into this, I knew I wanted to focus on playing a game for me, building 1:1 key relationships and getting to know people outside of the game context, and making sure I could be moldable into other people’s games instead of getting them to play my game. My biggest strength in this game was my social game and the ability to form strong bonds that allowed me to play from the bottom so well. I got to know almost all of you really well and I genuinely enjoyed every conversation I had. I had secret alliances with those from the other “side” like Gavin, Robin, and Juan that allowed me to be protected. I kept connected with a lot of the zombies throughout the game like Kevin, Nathan, Ester, Conrad, and Tim which allowed me to gain the Zombie vote most of the time and made sure to keep people close who could get the zombies on their side when my allies got yeeted off (ex. Gavin getting Robin to get zombies on our side). I had a constant flow of information that allowed me to make big moves when the time was right such as flipping the vote when my name came up onto Logan, creating a narrative about the golden calf, Ethan Cow leading sheep to slaughter and blindsiding my closest friend on this site with a split vote, Cody <3.

Pre-merge portion:
Throughout the 4 person-teams, my strategy was simply to try and survive. I built strong bonds with everyone on my tribe (even Keith whom I had blocked before this game started) but while everyone else got ot be kumbayah with their tribes winning, Tim’s Tantrums went to their final 2 tribal councils and got decimated until it was just me and David (kind of a Malcolm and Denise situation). I built a strong relationship with Robin that allowed me to be safe our second tribal and after that, I put in the work to win immunities because a tribe of 2 had no power against other tribes of 4. When the tribe swap happened, I also worked to win immunities because I was on a tribe with 3 ex-Ikah Ignescents (Gavin, Rose, and Billy), AJ whom I had blindsided my season, queen Kiara, and Nathan. During this tribe swap, I worked to smooth things with AJ and while we didn’t’ go to tribal council, I think my social game showed as Conrad chose me to give the Jasoi idol over Kiara, whom was his final 2 and never betrayed him in Gang Wars and told me about the one he found also. Even though I had the idol, Nathan, whom had found the idol blog, sent me the link too which is also a testament to my ability to form relationships. When we got tribe swapped to the Mud tribe, I got put with Billy again and saw it as a prime opportunity to get someone out who knew my game and could easily paint me and Cody as a heavy duo and could easily put a target on my back.

Rose: Coming into merge, I hadn’t gotten to meet half of the cast yet due to how my cards were dealt (and blindsided Gavin and Logan on the Billy vote) which is why I assume I was easily targeted. But I think the product of my social game showed in this vote. I had my first ever conversation with Juan that day and I guess he liked me enough that later that day, he messaged me randomly to tell me I was on the chopping block. He told me that majority was most likely on me and that allowed me to devise a plan with Ryan, Nathan, David, and Cody to idol out Rose, whom was a player who was known for being fiercely loyal and was someone who just did not give me any indication of wanting to work with me.

Kiara: This was a tough vote for me as you all know. Kiara was my final 2 throughout this game and I told her I would never lie to her (she was the only person I told about my idol). I was afraid the other “side” was going to play a voodoo doll so I told Gavin the plan and he idoled Robin last minute (great move on his part). But with this vote, I did realize other things going on. Ryan told me he and Cow were already friends so I made sure to note that. Cody told me that he, Cow, Hufus, and David had a 4 person chat and that he had a separate 3 person chat with Cow, Hufus and him. Cody also told me that the vote was Kiara because Cow leaked it to him. I realized Cody was playing the same way in Gang Wars with secret alliances, so I kept that information for myself until I needed to help turn the tables against Cow and Hufus which came much later in the game. After this vote, Gavin and Robin approached me and David about creating the most unlikely secret alliance, the Fuve Guys, in which we would work to protect each other and we did to a certain extent. This meant I was protected in the game by Gavin, Robin, and Juan from the other “side” while keeping my other allies close so they wouldn’t turn on me.

Nathan: With this vote, I wanted Hufus to go as I saw him as a big threat but Cody would not budge at all, which showed me where his mind was at and who he wanted to go further with. It was obvious that Nathan was going to go home and that Ryan and Cody were going to do what the Golden Calf Cow said. I chose here to be intentional and to not vote Nathan and instead voted Billy, so I could create a narrative to Gavin and Robin that I was not threatening and a loyal player, not going to throw people under the bus, etc. I downplayed my threat level so much that even my own allies told me outright they were in better positions than me lollllll.
Nathan had shared the idol clue with me also and we had searched for hours together (with help from Conrad and Washed) but we were unable to find it but after the vote, I went and found the merge idol which was cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Logan: This was where I took pieces of what I learned in Gang Wars and applied it here. Juan told me my name came up on the block and that we could shift the target onto Logan. I took a page out of Ryan’s book actually and created a fake screenshot that Logan had leaked the vote to me and wanted to go Robin instead  because it was an easy case to pitch since Logan had been playing the middle. I sent the screenshot to Gavin who was able to go and spread it for me, and told Robin Logan brought up his name (but than Logan actually leaked the vote to me lol which was funny). This was an instance of me being scrappy and making sure that I could stay safe.

Ester: While I love Ester to death <3, I knew here that this vote could help expose where Cow and Hufus’s loyalties truly lied. At this point, besides the 3 person Cow, Hufus, and Cody alliance, the 4 person David, Huf, Cody, and Cow one, there was a 5 person alliance with those 4 + Ryan. This was the only vote that was not leaked but it was obvious to tell they were targeting Ester as Juan, Robin, and Gavin would’ve protected me and as the other viable options were in that 5 person alliance. I chose not to play the idol on Ester when I knew it could’ve turned the tide and I chose not to get the Zombies on our side because I needed Cody and Ryan, whom I had told were sheeping Cow, to see it firsthand.

Cody: With this vote, my main goal was staying safe and I knew I was based on my relationships and Cody had been a meat shield for me because he was a previous winner. While I was his in Gang Wars, he was mine here and I knew he would get targeted over me.

Robin: Patrick coming in really propelled the start of my endgame like I equate Patrick to chaos Kass on steroids. He came in and successfully created a 5-person voting block that consisted of me, Huf, Billy, him, and David and doing that finally exposed every single crack. Robin vs Patrick was a great to behold and that ultimately allowed us to make a move that changed the rest of the game. David came up with the idea to leak the 5 person chat to Robin and Gavin right before the vote so we did with hopes of turning them on Ethan Cow (I had already gotten the Zombie vote) but Robin would not budge. David and I voted Robin with that group and doing that put us in a strong position as that allowed us to make sure Gavin was more loyal to us as we told him about the chat and showed Juan that Hufus was not as loyal to him as he may have thought. Furthermore, this is where I was able to spread that every vote was leaked to our “side” from Ethan Cow and that he was making moves without them such as the 3,4, and 5 person chats that Hufus, Cody, and Cow were a part of.

Patrick: With the cracks of the last vote, Ryan started gunning hardcore for Hufus and brought in Juan, Gavin, me, and David which became the Rose alliance that ended up dominating the rest of the season. We assumed Hufus or Cow had the idol so when Hufus played it, I played mine for Juan whom I thought the votes were going on to show Juan I was with him and to show Gavin that this was the group I wanted to stay loyal to. I think that was one of the moments that helped solidify this alliance of solid people that allowed us to get to the end. While Patrick ultimately went home, it helped my game because he had already caused enough chaos and was a scary player to let get too deep.

Billy: This was a straightforward vote as Hufus had used his voodoo doll. Billy and I weren’t going to work together based on how this game was going so it was the best option to go and target him.

Cow: This is where I think I did my best work and made a huge move. It was obvious in everyone’s mind that they wanted Cow out as he was a huge threat, both strategically and a challenge beast, and that he or Hufus had the merge idol already. What I did here was went to Cody and said that Gavin and Juan were deadest on him, and made it seem that me and Ryan were going to protect him. If we could make it look like we were going to protect him, he could be the one to reassure Cow that he would be fine. I didn’t want to risk Cow going on another run and knew he would discard me at any point. I also know people don’t understand why I chose to fling Ethan Cow. I chose to fling Cow mostly because he, Cody, and Hufus were spreading the idea that I was leading sheep (Gavin and Juan even though I stand strongly by that they weren’t sheep at all) and I I didn’t need the Zombies going to cast members telling them I was the biggest threat to win. Also in order for a split vote to work, we needed Cow gone to ensure the zombie vote (tho zombies ultimately voted David the next one).

Cody: Everyone knew he was such a huge threat, and no one wanted to sit with him at the end because he was a winner. We came up with a plan to split the votes on Hufus and Cody (and honestly Gavin saved our asses with getting the zombies to try to go on Hufus instead). I voted Cody that round both times and if you know the extent of our relationship, that shit is rough because he and I talk literally every day but it shows my drive to get to the end.

Hufus. This was a straightforward vote. We had to work hard at immunities together to make sure we could beat you. But than you voted me as most likely to win the game which was a YIKES going into end game. You were a great competitor though and definitely made it tough for us.

Ryan: I had my final 3 with the Vegans alliance (Juan, David, and I) and wasn’t willing to betray them. Everyone wanted you out because you played a strong game with 0 votes cast against you the whole time. I needed to secure my spot in the finals in the best possible way and that meant sticking with the Graveyard Crew.

Gavin: Gavin, you were by far one of the hardest vote-outs. I respected your game the most out of anyone who has played and how you approached the game. This one was about sticking loyal to the people who had stuck with me.

Lmao this was a wild game but I am proud of myself and feel that I truly deserved to be here. I learned from my game in Gang Wars and really proved why I am an Ikahn. I proved that that when it looks like the odds are stacked against you, there is a way to make it further, and that I could adjust my game to get to the end. I created strong social and authentic 1:1 relationships, was scrappy enough to play from the bottom, utilized information I received to make key strategic decisions, utilized the Zombie twist the best where I had constant information flowing from there while ensuring I could get zombie majority for a lot of the votes (even had Tim management which is a separate category), exploited a majority core alliance of Cow, Huf, and Cody, played an idol found by Conrad correctly (hopefully redeeming him lollll), found my own idol, made it to the end as one of the biggest endgame threats, and took out one of the biggest threats of this game, Ethan Cow. Thank you all for a great season and I look forward to all your questions UwU.
271 days 22 hours ago
I'm gonna be honest I have two of you blocked and the third i probably should have blocked. I'm not gonna read any of what you said because I have no basis if its truth or not. I really shouldnt have been a jury member.

Your answer will determine my vote.

Who is your favorite/the best winner of Ikah's group game series? All generations count and big brother counts as well. Also give me the reasons why.

If I hate all 3 of your answers (which i probably will) I'll my vote.

Good luck!
271 days 22 hours ago
Who is your favorite/the best winner of Ikah's group game series? All generations count and big brother counts as well. Also give me the reasons why.

Brandon Richie. I love Brandon Richie as a person and he's such a messy player but he always gets the job done. I feel like he and I are similar in so many ways so it would be wrong of me not to say his name. I think he's dramatic at times but that's something I resonate with. I cause drama for the hell of it (as you probably know best) and I do think Richie carries some of that same energy. I won't kiss ass and say you, although any season with you in finals has to be some of the most entertaining shit. I remember playing Wills with you and that was just amazing, but I have to stick to my guns and say Richie for this one.
271 days 22 hours ago
Well well well, congrats final 3 . If you want my vote your earning it the hard way since I'm not going easy on any of you so enjoy my three parter

You never spoke once to me, why should I even consider you?

You on the other hand spoke to me the most out of you three and I'm disappointed in you. Why should I not be bitter with you?
I wasn't playing the middle, most people know I play for minority and was trying to set it up for one of them to go. My question for you is who did you betray the most and why?

For  part 2   I want you all  to each compare each juror to a real Survivor player, prefer cbs but, don't mind the other types.

And for your last part, time to tell us why each of the other 2 don't deserve to win and explain why. And don't talk about yourself in this part or you won't get my vote.
271 days 22 hours ago
I’m just gonna make this short and sweet idrc who I vote for. Since I lost a shit ton of respect for all of u here. I will be selling my vote once again. This vote maybe the deciding vote whether or not you win or not. I will be selling my vote for 5 dollars  since I came in 5th place. Here is my Venmo
271 days 22 hours ago
271 days 22 hours ago
@ Tim Have not spoken to you since Graveyard idk why I would be blocked/should be blocked but moving on...

Who is your favorite/the best winner of Ikah's group game series? All generations count and big brother counts as well. Also give me the reasons why.

My favourite is Pietro. I don’t really know the other winners. But Pietro ran the game the whole time in Graveyard so that’s why he is my favourite/the best.
271 days 22 hours ago
Who is your favorite/the best winner of Ikah's group game series? All generations count and big brother counts as well. Also give me the reasons why.

Honestly, I didn't know TG group games existed till March so I am kind of new to everything. I would have to say Cody because I also don't really know the other winners. I think he played a very solid social and strategic game where he was able to navigate multiple alliances, including having secret backup alliances, was protected on all sides and played in the middle, and of course had a lovely meat shield ;)
271 days 22 hours ago
I wasn't playing the middle, most people know I play for minority and was trying to set it up for one of them to go. My question for you is who did you betray the most and why?

The perception at the time was the middle and people weren't too sure on where you stood at that point from my conversations. But with the person I betrayed the most, it was hands down Kiara. She was the person I trusted the most in this game, shared every piece of knowledge I had with, and ultimately I made a mistake in the last 5 minutes before tribal that allowed Robin to be idoled and that sent her home.
271 days 22 hours ago

I will not buy votes. This is a game on TENGAGED DOT COM and we are all here to play and have fun. I will not go out of my way to purchase votes to secure a win here. I do want to win but I want to be fair and I would hate to end out All-Star season with buying my win.

Ryan, I hope you'll reconsider and ask me a question because I would love to have a discussion about what went down. thank you!
271 days 21 hours ago
All i wanted to do was one of you to kiss my ass. Literally the worst. here we come. Gl to all 3 of you.
271 days 21 hours ago
LOGAN (I messed up before LMAO)
You on the other hand spoke to me the most out of you three and I'm disappointed in you. Why should I not be bitter with you?

- Honestly, you should be bitter with me. I worked with you the most outside of Juan and Ethann. I think at the time I was still trying to cover my bases socially and talk to everyone I could but I really felt I bonded with you on more than a personal level. I was not in control of the game at the time so I was really trying to prepare for any scenario and I was gonna let the cards fall where they were since I knew I had relationships across the board that kept me safe. When your name came up, I knew it wasn't the right time to spend my social capital so I let you go. I will respect whatever decision you make because you have every right as a juror to be bitte, but I hope you'll consider the game I was playing and view it through a strategic lense to get a sense for why I felt I was safe going further without you. I had finals 2s with many people and I knew I would be safe and I conceded defeat so I could take control late (i.e. Cow's demise) so I understand you feel betrayed and I'm sorry and I hope you'll be willing to forgive me. Regardless, thanks for at least hearing me out, that means a lot that you gave me the chance to explain myself.

And for your last part, time to tell us why each of the other 2 don't deserve to win and explain why. And don't talk about yourself in this part or you won't get my vote.

He doesn't deserve to win because he always relied on a crutch. whether that be his idols or his pre-existing relationships, many moves he made had to have a bit of help. He also fails to give credit to other players at times in his speech. Ryan and Gavin really carried the Rosé alliance through a lot of the late merge, not him.

Juan chad little social game. He talked very little too many of you on the jury that even made merge while you were still in the game. He also sat by while other people such as Ethann, Robin or Hufus really guided his hand throughout the early merge. Not to mention his reasoning for not talking to zombies, he had no enemies there yet didn't even try to change their minds and at least get to know some of you after you left since he didn't know you very well in-game.

(Survivor player comparisons coming <3)
271 days 21 hours ago
All i wanted to do was one of you to kiss my ass. Literally the worst. here we come. Gl to all 3 of you.

Tim you know I'm not the type to kiss ass lol.

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