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Leg 4 Shop

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2736 days 11 hours ago
Congratulations to you all on surviving this leg! You are all one step closer to winning the race!

Now, I have a big announcement. As we're one-third of the way through this race, this will be the last shop open, so I'll be putting out a ton of items for you to buy, but all of them will be worth at least $15.

To recap, here's how much money all of you have:
Jason - $50
acftw - $50
Andy - $50
Crypt - $50
Jack - $50
Aiden - $15
Jessie - $50
It - $20

Now, we will have a lot of items being put up, so if you want something, you better buy it or you may be very sorry later on in this race. Also, for this final shop, prices WILL be up drastically as this is the final shop.

So, without further ado, let's get right to it!

The first item is Guaranteed Immunity for $50.
For the second item, you can skip past a U-Turn or Wrong Way if you think you're the suspect for $50.
For item number three, you can remove a minute from your time. It's not much, but it can break a tie for just $10.
Item number four is indeed a $30 Express Pass.
The fifth item is a 1-hour delay on your answers which can be yours for $30.
The sixth item I have is a sneak peak to an upcoming leg of your choice for $30.
Finally, the seventh item is a second chance at any answers. I'll correct your incorrect answers and give you a chance to do them again for $50.

NOTE: All items above must be used sometime between now and the end of the 8th leg.
2736 days 10 hours ago
wow, these items got amped up hard
2736 days 9 hours ago
First item already bought by Crypt. Jessie and acftw, you guys are too late.
2736 days 7 hours ago
Papa, I should have 35 dollars, I only bought a 10 dollar and 5 dollar item last time
2736 days 7 hours ago
ROFL. Sorry Aiden. I thought you bought an Express Pass and the $5 item.

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