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Rites Of Passage Ceremony

Topic » Rites Of Passage Ceremony

2546 days 6 hours ago
Congratulations on making it to final 3! Take the next 24 hours to pay some respect to the previously eliminated players. Say as much or as little as you wish.

Please start with Austin and end with Sean.

FTC will be posted around 10 AM EST WEDNESDAY MORNING (23 hours 45 minutes) This gives you time to do rites of passage and prepare your speech.
2546 days 4 hours ago

Austin - I've played with you twice now, and you were the first boot on both of my seasons. I know you're one of Gaia's legends though and had a lot to offer this season!

Jayson -  You're a two time winner of this game, and an icon on TG all together. It was a shame I didn't get the chance to play with you even though we never spoke this entire game.

Jacob - You and Ben were a tight duo in this game. I noticed you also had a lot of connections on the other tribe, and heard you were a challenge beast at the merge so I had to take you out the first chance I got.

Alex - I didn't talk to you at all this game!

Ben - At this point you were the odd man out of the tribe. I had a connection with everyone left on Tombali. I really admire and respect the fact you campaigned and actually tried to stay in the game, but I had to finish what I started, with Jacob and you, as I knew you would make a move against me if you made it to a tribe swap.

Kent - I really enjoyed playing this game with you so much. You're an awesome guy, and I really wanted to go deep into this game with you. I tried to throw this immunity challenge to save you, but the tribe didn't want to make it look too obvious due to the alien twist, and we all tried a little too hard. It's a shame you got fucked over in the tribe swap, and we got separated.

Joe - This challenge we managed to throw successfully to get you or Mearl out of the game and keep the Tombali numbers for when the merge hit. I tried to get you to throw your vote, but kudos for you for actually going against me and making a move against me. This vote was critical for me as it opened my eyes up to what was really going on in my tribe. From our brief talks from the tribe we both swapped onto, you seemed like a switched on nice guy.

Chris - We spoke on and off during the game even though we never ended up on the same tribe together, and I really liked you a lot and was gutted we didn't get to play alongside one another.
2546 days 3 hours ago
I'll do this as soon as i can!! Im spending time w/ family right now :D
2546 days 2 hours ago
Just got home from work. I'll have my Rites posted within an hour or two as Im just cleaning myself up from a long day at work.
2546 days 1 hour ago

Mearl - Wow! What can I say? You were the one player I was most excited to play with this season. You're an absolute beast in this game, for having won it THREE times already. When I saw you survive it to the merge stage I understood why you won all those times. When we spoke game, you were VERY convincing. I like to think I'm not easily fooled, but you were swaying me a lot and putting doubt into my mind and honestly you're an amazing player, and the biggest threat to my game at this point because had you stayed I believe you would of wiped the floor with this game. I had to take you out first, once the merge hit because you were such a big player to be left in the game. To be able to make it to the merge though, you did an amazing job, so I really admire you.

Shadi - We never really spoke much at any point in this game. I just took that as you didn't trust me, and because of the lack of communication I didn't really trust you. At this point in the game I had developed closer relationships with Erik, Sean, and Jeremy. So when Sean's name came up I had to protect him and throw it onto somebody else for myself to keep the original Tombali numbers an original Cacheu had to leave and so I made the decision it had to be you because there was hardly any communication. I really wish we had spoke more though, because I know how great of a player you are in group games.

Sagar - I absolutely respect the hell out of you so much!!!! Since you were isolated from that very first tribal we attended, in the back of my mind I knew you wouldn't trust me 100%. After that vote, you worked your ass off to be kept in the loop, and make sure nothing shady was going on without you knowing. You made quick decisions, that were beneficial to your game. When we went to that double tribal council I thought yourself, Robby and Wyatt were closely aligned and was told you in particular with Robby had tried to make a move against me at the tribal Joe went home. When you and Wyatt both told me to vote Erik, I felt uneasy so I used my vote reveal on you which revealed you were making a move against me which I respect you for, and sadly I had to vote you out, and make sure you left as I didn't want a strong competitor coming for me. Really lovely person though, and enjoyed playing with you.

Robby - We were tightly aligned since DAY 1 of this game. Every move that happened on original Tombali, I informed you with and you also kept me in the loop. I loved working with you, and I valued you as a close ally. I honestly really wanted to make it far with you. At the merge we worked closely and began to eliminate the original Cacheu members, until that double tribal council where we were placed on separate tribes, and you were voted out. You were very supportive in this game, and a huge ally of mine in the pre merge part of this game and I thank you for that. We shared the same train of thought and always had similar opinions of the game. You played a great game in my opinion!

Jeremy - We spoke quite a bit most days, that was mostly personal talks about our lives and what we had been up to. You came across as very genuine to me, and I liked that about you. I understand at this point in the game you thought most of the players left, including me had freeze out style of gameplay towards you. That was only because you never really approached me with any game moves either, and I didn't want to show my hand too much to you incase you used it against me. I had been working very closely with Sean, and I knew you two were kinda a duo in the game, and for Sean's main loyalty in this game and to try and unite the original Tombali numbers to come together for this tribal I had to vote you out as I never truly knew where you stood in this game. I had to make this move to ensure I had the numbers moving forward in this game.

Nattie - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You were the only person in this game that I had played with before were we both made it to the end tog
2546 days 1 hour ago
Nattie - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You were the only person in this game that I had played with before were we both made it to the end together. I tried so hard to play off the fact to everyone else that we were not tight, to keep us together in this game for as long as possible. For us to make it to the final 6 together before we were broken up was huge! You're a phenomenal game player, and we were always on the same page with moves. You were calculated, strategic, and witty and I love that about you. You were well and truly robbed by an idol! Thank you so much for always having my back, and being my rock in this game. I tried my best to get us to this FTC, but not everything goes your way in this game and sadly that never happened. I was super sad to see you get voted out!

Wyatt - You were a HUGE player in this game. Had you made it to the end, I honestly expected you to crush it, and would have voted for you. In the pre merge part of this game, you were a good ally to work with. Once the swap happened, I helped throw that immunity challenge so you were not picked off so we had the Tombali numbers for the merge. Once the merge hit, you managed to snatch up that idol, before I even won my clue to it at the auction that was a brilliant advantage for you in this game, and just goes to show you hard you were playing because I couldn't find it without a clue. After the double tribal council where you flipped and saved me I had every intention to work alongside you, but for some reason we went separate ways and stopped talking as much game and that's when I knew you were the biggest threat left out of everyone remaining to take this to the end, and would be the reason why I get voted out of this game. My fears were proven, when I tried to make a move against you, and you pulled that idol out and sent my closest ally home so I applaud you for that move. The following tribal, I had to play you at your own game, when I managed to find the idol and get you out the game. I am sorry for how it went down, but I know how much you value this game and respect gameplay so I hope you understand it was just a game and I did what I had to, to make it to the end and give myself a better chance. All game aside, you're a very likeable guy who is charming and likeable. It was a blast having to play alongside you from Day 1.

Sean - This vote was probably the hardest vote I had to make this entire game as you were literally one of my closest allies I had in this game. As soon as the merge hit I approached you and we began to talk about the game and how we began to see it as more of an individual game, and that we could both benefit each other. This point of the game was very crucial for me, to have formed an alliance with you because I had intel from your tribe, as I clued you in to what was happening from my tribe. You were an absolute bliss to work with on a game and personal stand point. I appreciate you getting to know me, and likewise. You flipped and made smart moves that would benefit you in this game and get you as far as you could possibly go. Once Wyatt left, I began to see how big of a threat you were to win. You had a great underdog story, and played a really clean and respectful game that the jury could look up to as you didn't do anything outright to disrespect anyone. As soon as I secured my spot in the FTC, I had to strike to try and give myself the best chance. I know you don't feel this way, and may be upset with the decision I made but I did what I had to as I came here to try and win just like you, and everyone else. I couldn't apologise any more for making that move, but I do stand by it. With that all aside I have nothing but respect and admiration for you as a player, and nothing but positive things to say about you in this game.
2546 days ago

Austin/Spinner554 - We've had the opportunity to play together a few times. And each time we always seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of where we stand. You always credit me for being a huge influence behind your vote-off. But, this Tribal Council, I was only trying to survive as I was working on making bonds and mending old bonds I knew needed working on. Simply put, there were too many people on this tribe that I needed to mend fences with. I'm glad the tribe targeted you for your inactivity.

Jayson/BBlover96 - Jayson! I love you. We go way back to Suitman's series. I'm glad you were willing to work with me; no matter how short-lived your experience was. It's a shame you were targeted so early as I'm sure you could've done extremely well had you made it any further.

Jacob/Bobrocks333 - Dear god. I was blindsided behind Tombali's decision to take you out. You are a beast in these mini-games. I personally think every single person voted out pre-merge should take it as a compliment. You are the type of castaway that needs to be voted out before a merge takes place as you could be considered a danger to everyone's game.

Ben/Milkisgood - Was sad to see you go as early as you did Ben. You're one of the few people here that was daring enough to show a bit of personality. I was looking forward to working with you from the earlier talks we had in the game. I didn't expect you to be taken out so early.

Alex/01Gohan - Alex, I'm so sorry for how this vote turned out. I admire that you reached out to me as I was clearly in a minority at the time. But, by this time, it was too late for us to gain a majority as every single one of my plans was derailed by the Cacheu majority. I firmly believe if I didn't receive the Alien save time after time; that I likely would've been targeted over you. They got us both man.
2546 days ago
[Pre-Merge Continued...]

Kent/KBeastW - I felt extremely terrible about this vote. This was a move I needed to make however as I was on bad terms with the Cacheu majority. I needed a way to build trust and work my way back into the tribe somehow. And what better way to do so; than to follow an alliance blindly into a vote. They told me to write down Kent. And that is what I did. I'm sorry. I know that you saved me with the Alien earlier on and we made subtle communication from it. We planned on working together and all. But, I needed to prove I could move past bad relations and work with people I wasn't too fond of working with.

Joe/Joeker - Joe! I admit! I should have stuck with my gut and used the Alien save on you. Me you and Mearl made a huge gamble when we decided to reach out to Sagar and Robby for a possible blindside. Sometimes luck pays off. Sometimes it doesn't. I'm sorry that the move didn't work out as you were likely my closest ally on OG Cacheu. I didn't personally vote you out. But, it sure feels like I had a huge hand in your vote-off. I used the Alien on Mearl for 2 reasons. 1. To make a Bold play in saving someone who everyone thought I wanted out. 2. Gain Mearl's trust. No matter how microscopic that trust built was. I needed to show him I was willing to work with him.

Chris/Quackerz - We had an odd relationship this season. We played together in All Stars. You were shady then. And played an even shadier game this time around. You attempted to play the middle from Day 1. You were on board with several of earlier pre-merge votes that didn't turn out as you were leaking chats/alliances and still made effort to play both sides. I found you to be a dangerous player in All Stars and I give you an A+ for effort this time around. This vote was tricky as it was a split vote between yourself, Wyatt, me or Jeremy. I managed to build a strong enough bond with Sean by this time to gain his trust. I used this bond to keep the target off me which resulted in the split between you and Jeremy since the Alien Twist was used to save Wyatt. After the tie. Sean and I felt it best for you to go. I'm sorry things didn't work out for you this time around. But, I'm certainly happy you were voted out right before the start of the merge and Jury.
2545 days 23 hours ago

Mearl/Mearl - You had a huge impact on my entire game until your boot. I admitted to you that you were a thorn in my side. And we both threw tons of shade at each other throughout our stay in this game. But, I can admit that you were one of the few people I talked a tons of game with. We ran over tons of scenarios. Which anyone can admit is odd for two players who were at each other's throats. I respect the blindside you did on me in Cmack's. I hope you can respect my game for how I felt I needed to play it here in Gaia's. We both mentioned in one of our conversations that we come into these games with "inescapable" targets from our reputations. Only reason I mention it, is because I strongly believe you leaving so early in the merge had nothing to do with our rivalry but, more-so this "inescapable" target.

Shadi/Chastain - For what it worth. I am sorry. I know you were one of the people in this game that I had a genuine bond with once it began. I know you did a ton to protect me earlier on in the game. But, between this game and Cmack's. We really didn't see eye-to-eye on a ton things. Once this game began. I fully intended on going to the end with you. But, you made it clear once we merged that we were never in an "alliance" which is what pushed me to write your name down this night. We may have left off on bad terms and all. But, I do love you. I hope you can look past it all. And I know that's asking a lot. I personally would understand where you were coming from; no matter how harsh you are on me this approaching Final Tribal.

Sagar/Obscurity - Sagar. When you were voted out. You said that Wyatt and me broke your heart. And I honestly didn't know you felt that strongly about our bond. At this point. Between the alliance of you/Robby/Wyatt, Nattie/Jake/Ivy, Jeremy/Sean/myself. I felt more comfortable siding with the latter because I felt more secure with my chances of making the Final Tribal Council. I worked a ton on my bonds with people such as Jeremy, Sean, Robby, Wyatt, Jake and Ivy. The two people I felt least attached too and were more threatening for my end game were you and Nattie. However, this tribal, Pandora's box was opened. This resulted in the merged Tribe being divided into 2 Tribe's putting yourself, Wyatt, Jake and me on one tribe. I never intended to target you this tribal. But, I felt it was a move that needed to be made as I know how good you are in challenges and I felt that threatened my game long-term as I knew keeping Jake's trust would be beneficial to my end-game. Hope you understand! I truly hope you do!

Robby/Robbyjak - I love playing these games with you. And I strongly believe that without you. I likely never would've made a bond with Sagar this season. Early in this game. You and Sagar approached me with a move that wasn't achieved as you and Sagar didn't feel comfortable going through with it. You guys ended up voting out my closest ally in Joe which hindered for me for a moment. But, I was able to find my footing and position myself between the alliance you brought me into including Wyatt and Sagar and the alliance including Nattie/Jake/Ivy. It sucks you went out on the double as I always planned on going as deep as possible with you in this game.
2545 days 23 hours ago
[Merge Continued...]

Jeremy/MMAjunkieX - Jeremy! You and I can be classified as Characters. Out of everyone in this game. I feel you're the one of the people who truly understood where I was coming from with my Trolls. I was doing what I needed to do in order to survive. I would like to think we were close allies from Day 1. I didn't intend for this Tribal Council to play out like so. You were truly a victim of circumstance. I can honestly say I was blindsided by your vote off even though we both knew you were receiving votes. I did not think anything could go wrong mate. I'm truly sorry! And no hard feelings for anything you said when you were voted out.

Nattie/Nattie - You're a remarkable player. One who is socially capable, driven, loyal and honest. Pretty much everything you could ask for in an ally. Which is why I found your game so threatening. I mean you and Jake managed to convince Sean to vote Wyatt this vote and that shocked me. I felt strongly that the vote would be 3-3 and it would go to a tiebreaker. Goes to show how strong your game was as you had to be taken out by Idol for me to accomplish your vote-off.

Wyatt/Aiwfwyattroh - Like Jake said. You were a HUGE player this game. But, unlike Jake. I felt comfortable taking you to the end which could be seen as foolish on my part from several people. But, I felt that comfortable that I was truly playing a game worthy enough of winning. I was prepared to go to Final Tribal Council with you. And you know the effort I made into keeping you during the Final 5. We worked very well together and I value the bond we built this season. You played a strong game man. And apparently one that would have won you the game! Kudos!

Sean/Caliboy - Sean! You already know the respect is there man. I have nothing but, good things to say about you. You're a huge part of why I made it this deep into the game. You were a huge influence on the tribe dynamics pre-merge. We made bold and risky moves together that could've backfired. Yet, we both managed to maneuver our way to the Finale. We both had very different paths this game. And towards the end-game. We had completely opposite motives as we approached the Finale as you made move after move against me Final 6 on-wards. You showed a ton of heart at this last Tribal and you fought valiantly to survive. I'm sorry that only one of us could be sitting here. I hope I represent Original Cacheu well for what it's worth! Thanks for everything you did to help me this game! I enjoyed playing with/against you!
2545 days 23 hours ago
Working on mine right now!
2545 days 22 hours ago

Austin/Spinner554 - Austin, I was on Tamboli during this time, and you and I never spoke I don't believe!

Jayson/BBlover96 - I'll never forget in the premiere, you gave your Skype and you were like "talk to me and I'll sheep you" LOL you were definitely really good at making lasting first impressions XD. I'm surprised you didn't last longer!

Jacob/Bobrocks333  - Jacob. We both played together in Gaiaflop's Game Changers and we were on opposite sides that entire game. I was worried that maybe we still had tension, and I didn't want to wait to find out, so I quickly threw your name out there after we lost the immunity challenge. Add on with the fact that you were close with Ben and a strong fighter, I wanted you out as soon as possible lol. I have tons of respect for you as a player, and you are a cool person, even if we haven't really had any meaningful chats!

Ben/Milkisgood  - I felt so bad for you here. You were really just caught in the crosshairs. Everyone had done bonded enough to the point to where Jacob and you were isolated. You wanted to stay so badly and it literally broke my heart, but I had to do what i had to do at that point.

Alex/01Gohan  - We were on opposite tribes so I never really got to speak with you!

Kent/KBeastW - Oh, Kent! This one sucked a lot! I know that we had a general plan to throw that challenge but somewhere along the lines everything kinda got messy and miscommunicated so we somehow flopped at trying to flop at the challenge LOL. You were literally robbed and it kills me because I really liked you a lot. I really think we could have worked so well together. But unfortunately you were just put in a super crappy position and that was just how it unfolded :/

Joe/Joeker - You and Mearl were pretty much target #1 by everyone else at this point. Thankfully there were 2 votes on you when Mearl got the alien. So it tied and we could take you out. You and Mearl fought really hard this round, and I'm sure if you two had survived past this point you guys were without a doubt going to destroy the game together.

Chris/Quackerz -  We never got to talk to each other!
2545 days 22 hours ago

Mearl/Mearl - Mearl at this point I think it was a wide consensus that you were the biggest threat. I know that we have talked in the past and you genuinely seemed like a great person to work with. Maybe if the circumstances were different, we could've actually been able to work together. The target on your back was just so huge to everyone that I just saw it best to vote you out now before you started getting traction and possibly winning this game again. I think just for the simple fact that you managed to make it to the merge after winning this game three times, that's outstanding!

Shadi/Chastain  - Once Mearl had been eliminated and Tamboli had taken over the numbers, you was seen as the next biggest threat. I was one of the supporters of coming after you. You and I never really spoke often, if at all. I know we played together in BigBen's Second Chances and we were against each other there. At the end of the day, we never really got to know each other and in a way it's kinda sad because who knows, maybe you and I could've really done well as allies... but at the end of the day, we were on opposite tribes for a majority of the season and we just never really got to get close.

Sagar/Obscurity - Sagar, good grief, you are one of the biggest fighters ever and I mean that in the nicest way possible! I absolutely loved watching you and rooting for you in BigBen's when you won Blood vs. Water, and oh my lord I was SO looking forward to us finally getting to work together. Unfortunately we just never really had the same ideas and I think that we both were just trying to play what was best for ourselves and that's why we ended up not working together fully. Our biggest disconnect happened very early in the pre-merge after we didn't vote the same way at tribal. Things after that never really were the same. We would speak every now and then but it always felt like we were hiding things from each other. We didn't really ever talk game much and even if I or you did initiate game talk, it would only go so far. It really sucks and I wish we could've worked together more. I knew you were playing a really good game this season, and I hope we can cross paths again in the future, maybe we can finally play together as allies and do some damage<3333 I still adore you to death!

Robby/Robbyjak  - Robby!! In the pre-merge we talked a lot together and I was so looking forward to us doing some damage in the merge. But there were talks that you and Sagar were turning on Tamboli, and our talks greatly decreased... When this double tribal council had happened, I learned of your advantage as a double vote and Sean had told me he was going to work with me and vote you out. It really just wasn't in my best interests to keep you over Nattie and I hope you can agree if you were in my shoes, it was an aware thing that you and Sagar were a duo and that was hugely threatening because you were both very strong players. I really feel like you should be proud of how you played this season. You were strong in challenges and you were strong all around. A triple threat. I respect you as a player and I adore you as a person!
2545 days 22 hours ago

Jeremy/MMAjunkieX - So.... LOL Jeremy! The way you went out was pretty iconic, even I can't be salty at how you roasted me. I'm totally sure you're going to lay it on me in the FTC xD We talked a lot of personal things and had some nice ice-breaker conversations... but I don't think we talked game much. And honestly you were a wildcard to me so I wanted to tread carefully with you. But yeah you definitely helped clear some things up when you left in that extremely weird and messy looking vote, and your expos? on Wyatt targeting me was the driving factor on keeping me from flipping on Jake/Nattie and sticking with them.

Nattie/Nattie - This one sucked. Sean had made some subtle foreshadowings to me that Wyatt could've potentially had an idol and it sucked that I never thought to act on it. You were my legit F2 and it really sucked seeing you go out like that. You were a great social player who had a great shot to win imo. You were good in challenges, you scared everyone to DEATH with that public idol!! Everyone was treating you like you were a legit sleeping bear on the verge of waking up with that idol and everyone was scared of you using it and blindsiding somebody, it was pretty awesome. You have played a really great game and you should be proud of yourself, girl!

Wyatt/Aiwfwyattroh - Wyatt!! Our relationship has been pretty rocky. And i dont mean that as like a arguing-type. I mean it more as like someone I wasn't really ever with, but also too someone I had lots of respect for. We've never had a problem with each other this season and well, obviously we were going to come for each other at some point. When Jeremy revealed to me that you were throwing my name around at that F7 vote, it just prevented me from wanting to work with you. You were close with Erik as well and I needed people in the F4 that I knew wouldn't vote me out. I knew Sean/Jake/Erik wouldn't come after me in the final four, but I wasn't certain on what you would've done!
Not only that but you were literally the biggest threat in the game. When Erik did everything he could to protect you I genuinely thought you were untouchable and that you were going to win this game and I wasn't going to be able to do anything about it. I'm thankful you went out when you did because dude, you were so winning this game LOL!

Sean/Caliboy - Sean! Ugh! This one was the worst. This was the only boot where I genuinely had to get blood on my hands because I knew that no matter who I voted against in the F4, all were my allies and I had to make a decision. I ultimately chose you. You were the only multiple time winner, and I think that showed you knew how to talk in front of a jury. You're a Gaiaphagee group game legend for sure. I didn't want to lie to you when I was going to vote you out, I wanted to at least make sure that I was up front and straight up with you because I figured you at least deserved to know what I was doing. I know you're pissed at me, but at the end of the day I had to make a decision, and I chose you :/

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