Aimee's Big Brother 2

12 to 16 contestants compete to be known as the most popular and loved BB housemate by surviving and avoiding Nominations and of course Evictions to win and succeed onto All Stars to be crowned the best of the best!

Host: Amnesia_ (Aimee)

All Stars happens once after 4 seasons are done and the 12 who get to final 3 will return to compete in All Stars!

All stars cast:


Finale Rankings


Systrix - 1st
Danyyboy67 - 2nd
Lifeiscool - 3rd



Housemates - BB2

1. Bomby - 11th
2. Jonster - 13th
3. Jameslu
4. Ratchett - 9th
5. Jasoi - 8th
6. Baseball03
7. Bluejay7622 - 7th
8. mbarnish1 - 10th
9. aria_grande
10. NanoNerd
11. InternetError
12. Shellbelle - 14th
13. Spikedcurley - 6th
14. Leorock - 12th
15. Trolllol - 15th

Best of luck to all housemates and may the best player win!!

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Aimee's Big Brother 2

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