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The Realm Chasers (COMING SOON) Polls


  1. Episode 1 Start Date (Time)ACTIVE152 days 2 hours ago
  2. Episode 2 Event Time1448 days 5 hours ago
  3. Episode 2 Start Time1448 days 5 hours ago
  4. Season 4 Episode 1 Event Time1457 days 18 hours ago
  5. Season 4 Premiere Time1457 days 19 hours ago
  6. Possible Finale Date1780 days 20 hours ago
  7. Episode 4 Event Time(EST)(July 7th)1785 days 4 hours ago
  8. Mid-Season Finale Event(In EST)(June 29th)1799 days 3 hours ago
  9. Mid-Season Finale Event(In EST)(June 29th)1803 days 2 hours ago
  10. Episode 2 Event Start Time (Friday, June 14th)1810 days 18 hours ago
  11. Ideal Event Start Time(Friday, June 7th)1825 days 15 hours ago
  12. Ideal Premiere Start time(Thursday, June 6th)1825 days 15 hours ago
  13. Saddest moment of the Series?(So far)1836 days 15 hours ago
  14. Saddest death so far1837 days 17 hours ago
  15. Who has been your favorite Villain so far?1837 days 17 hours ago
  16. Season 3?(It would be done in Mid-September and be the final..2100 days 21 hours ago
  17. Story Decision2158 days 16 hours ago
  18. Starting next episode, would you like it better if I post..2163 days 17 hours ago
  19. Ideas for a Group(What would you be interested in?)2191 days 20 hours ago

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The Realm Chasers (COMING SOON)

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