BigBen's Survivor VL

Welcome to the VL for BigBen's Survivor.

This is where the discussion of Survivor Mongolia will take place.

Here are a couple of guidelines to follow while being in the VL.

•Nobody will be allowed to enter the VL once the season begins.
•If you are not active in the VL you will be removed from the group.
•Anyone who has been offline for 20 or more days will be removed from the VL.
•Do not release any information from the VL to people inside the game.  If you happen to do this you will not only be removed from the VL but will not be able to participate in future seasons.

The VL is a unique experience that is present in few other group games. It gives people a chance to properly involve themselves in the game and enjoy it as if it were the TV show itself. If problems arise which damange the game's integrety, I will not hesitate to stop revealing information or even CLOSE the VL. So guys keep it fair, and enjoy the game :)

Sweepstakes Winners:

Comoros - Path
Mozambique - Kaseyhope101
Tuvalu - wangifold
Macedonia - BeastBoy
The Canadian Wilderness - DavidM7

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BigBen's Survivor VL

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