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GAMEPLAY **updated**

Topic » GAMEPLAY **updated**

1930 days 3 hours ago
THIS HUNGER GAMES IS A FREE RANGE GAME. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT (AS LONG AS IT IS REASONABLE). I.E. IF YOU NEED TO DRINK WATER, MESSAGE ME THAT YOU DRINK YOUR WATER (must have some form of water like canteen, lake water, ocean water etc.). IF YOU WANT TO MOVE, MAIL ME THAT YOU WANT TO MOVE. IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A FIRE, MESSAGE ME YOU WANT TO BUILD A FIRE (i.e. *searches the beach for sticks and small debris* then you'll need to send another action stating how you would like to make the fire with your available supplies.)

Attack damage is the damage your tribute dishes out with every hit. Stronger tributes have a slightly higher starting AD. Weapons increase the AD greatly. AD cannot cannot exceed 20 pts!

Dagger- +3 AD
Knife- +3 AD
Tomahawk- +3 AD
Club- +3 AD
Sickle- +4D
Kukri- +4 AD
Throwing Knives- +4 AD
Spear- +5 AD
Machete- +5 AD
Sword- + 5 AD
Mace +5 AD
Axe- +6 AD
Bow and Arrows- +7 AD
Trident +7 AD

1930 days 3 hours ago
Body Strength is your tributes Strength.  These vary from 60-80 Chosen from which corresponds with your chosen IQ. (All IQ's are assigned a Body Strength before the application process starts, so the odds have to be in your favor !!) BOD is a factor in fighting. If a tribute has a BOD 10 points higher than another tribute, their Attack Damage (AD) is doubled in a fight.
(Build your BOD by killing tributes / mutts (+2 BOD Each))

Intellectual Power is decided by the tributes during the application - Ranging from 101-124 -Each IQ has a corresponding Body Strength (BOD) placed by A tribute with a high IQ is likely to escape traps and find water/food easier.
- If a tribute kills a tribute with a higher IQ than them, they will obtain that persons IQ level, but the BOD will still only increase by +2
1930 days 3 hours ago
Say you are walking in the woods and you stumble upon little Cynthia who you'd like to attack. You must ROLEPLAY the attack in your message. But be careful if you only role play an attack and the other opponent does something you weren't prepared for, your attack may not land. The fight depends on the Strategy you decide to use, or not use. Please use your common sense but be creative.
*** A Player with a Higher IQ attacking a tribute with a lower IQ will guaranteed land the first hit.

(I.E. #1) -Tarah Jones with an IQ of 120 attacks Mike Andy with an IQ of 110. She lands her first hit which is a club to the head. (Attack Damage deducted)
1930 days 2 hours ago
After the bloodbath I will send out initial moves, along with what you retrieved from the bloodbath (if anything). After those moves, it is up to the Tributes to move on their own through the Arena. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MOVE, send me a message asking to move to another area, and as soon as i'm available to move you I will.

***Another way to move is to watch for Cannons. If you hear a cannon, you can look around for the hovercrafts, or signs of tributes. If I post that there is smoke rising into the air (maybe another tributes fire?) you can ask me if you can see it. IF you can see this then you can go to it if you want, so watch for clues*

Searching for Water- After you move areas, this is an option you can do. There are certain areas on a map that contain water (some have fresh water, some have dirty, salty, or contaminated water that needs purified). If you have a way that you would like to search for water (i.e. digging under the ground by a tree root to find water) You can do so. Every attempt may not be successful. If you need water to not die from dehydration, mail me to keep moving until you find water. Don't blame me for dying of dehydration as I am very lenient about these deaths.

Searching for Food- After you move Areas, this is an option you can do. There are certain ares of the map that contain food sources (i.e. Wild animals, plants, fruits). You must eat the item on your own risk. If you do not cook the animal meat in time, it will go bad and you can get poisoned. You can move around the arena trying to find areas to build a fire. If you find vegetables or plants to eat, you eat them on your own risk as some of these items may be poisonous. If you cannot find food in your area, there will never be food in this area, so keep moving if you need to eat.

Searching for Shelter- After you move areas, this is an option you can do. If you have a way to make shelter, this is an option you would do (i.e. You have a tarp and some rope, make a tent or tie the tarp to some trees to provide shade, shelter. Cover the tarp with branches to hide the shelter easier. It's up to you, I cannot build your shelter for you.) Some area have a built in shelter like a cave, or a hidden tunnel. Even a bush can provide shelter. Use your brains :)

Searching for Tributes- After you move areas, this is an option you can do. If you search for food, water, or shelter you could end up running into a tribute anyways, so never feel safe by searching for something other than tributes.
1930 days 2 hours ago
If you stumble upon a tribute and you want to try and steal something instead of fighting, you have a chance to do so without them knowing. When you ask to steal, be ready for a message within the next 5 minutes, asking which item you'd like to steal, BUT BE QUICK!!! You have a 20 second time limit to tell me the 1 item you'd like to steal. If you reply after 20 seconds, the Tribute you are stealing from will be notified that you successfully stole from them and can do with it as they please. (REPLYING UNDER 20 SECONDS IS ANONYMOUS)

(When asking to steal please don't go offline, that's just stupid because you're going to get caught and im going to laugh when they kill you)
1930 days 2 hours ago
Sponsor Points~~
1 Sponsor point will be given to anyone who Successfully completes their training simulation. You may ask to use your sponsor point any time during the game and you will be given an item that will help you in your current situation. You cannot use a sponsor point once we have reached the final 8 as our finale Mutts will be released at that time.
1930 days 2 hours ago

-During the games, your health will drop every day you do not eat or drink. In a normal environment you will lose 10 health from not eating and/or not drinking each. In a cold environment you wouldn't get as dehydrated as much. But you would lose 20 Health a day from not eating. In a Desert you would lose 20 Health a day from not Drinking but lose no health from not eating.

I am very lenient about these as just a small amount of water or food will save you from losing health.

To Gain health you can eat/drink half of something for +5HP  or all of an item for +10HP
1930 days 2 hours ago
When applying every tribute lists 2 areas they are proficient in and will have better odds when using these skills in the right situations.
1928 days 7 hours ago
**Attack Damage is Randomized for each tribute between 4 and 6 for the start of the games**
***Our only Career District, D7, will get an additional +1 AD to their randomized AD***
1925 days 18 hours ago
***** A tribute with a Higher BOD will be Faster than one with a BOD lower than theirs****

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