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Immunity Challenge 5 | New Zealand

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13 days 18 hours ago

Today, you’ll be playing Entanglement! Here’s how it works:

You’re given a puzzle piece with a variety of tangled paths on it! You have to build a path that keeps you from running off the board, but also scores you the most points!

You score a point every time you go through a piece, and gain extra points when you go through multiple pieces.

The person with the highest score wins individual immunity and a spot in the F14.

^That’s right. For this round, BOTH TRIBES will be going to tribal council to each vote out one player. So, one person on each tribe will win individual immunity.

*You must show your tengaged profile in your screenshot like always*

*If there’s somehow a tie, the person that submitted first will break the tie in their favor.

You guys have 24 hours to send me this challenge along with Safe Haven/Idol Isle votes. That’s right! Those are also back in play for this round.


DEADLINE: Saturday January 15th @8:00pm EST
13 days 18 hours ago
wait whos going to idol isle and whos going to safe haven?
13 days 17 hours ago
Updated Idol Isle Information for This Round:

So you all are going to still send me your idol isle/safe haven votes but because of the double tribal, things will be different. The individual immunity winner from each tribe will be choosing who they’d like to go to Idol Isle so this vote will not be anonymous and idol isle will be decided by one vote. The only person that will know who went to idol isle is the individual immunity winner. The individual immunity winner could also decide to send themselves to idol isle in this situation.

However, the people on Idol Isle will be safe from the vote like Safe Haven and they won’t be voting at the next tribal council so the individual immunity winners will have to think carefully on that decision.

The reason why I’m having everyone send in an idol isle vote is because we obviously don’t know who will win immunity yet for each tribe. Hit me up in your production chats if you have questions about this!
12 days 17 hours ago
Immunity Challenge 5: ENTANGLEMENT Results:

Ka Matu:
Franz: 103
Newz: 210
Matt: N/A
Reynolds: 39
Dan: 353
Destiney: 153
Lawrence: N/A
Bekir: 154

Pietro: 138
Ethan: 131
Yawn: N/A
Nick: N/A
Hufus: 95
Ben: 207
Tim: 224
Logan: 251

Congratulations Dan and Logan! You guys have won individual immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 14. Also guaranteed a spot in the F14 is Matt and Tim. You guys are going to Idol Isle so you will be safe but will not be voting at this next tribal council. Make sure you guys send confessionals and add production into group chats. You guys will have until 7:30pm EST tomorrow to vote.

*Since Atamai got the higher tribe score, the person voted out on their tribe will be the sixth person voted out as opposed to the fifth*

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