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Immunity Challenge 3 | Indonesia

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4 days 1 hour ago
Challenge 3: CATCH A SHIT (here’s how it works):

For this challenge, you will be playing a flash game called Catch A Shit. The link below should take you to the link without any problems. The goal of the game is to get the most shits in the toilet by redirecting the fallen ones to the toilet by using the trampoline. Once you’ve dropped too many shits, your game will end and your score will pop up. You can do this game as many times as you’d like but you have to submit before the deadline for your score to count. The tribe with the highest combined average will win this challenge and an idol clue. The losing tribe will accompany me at tribal council where one of you will be the third person voted out of this game.

If the tribes are uneven, the tribe with more members must decide on which players to sit out.

*Remember to show your tengaged profile, if you don’t show your profile your score won’t count. However, y’all did very good with that last challenge.

Good luck castaways! If you have any questions,  let me know, just try not to be too shitty at this.


4 days ago
3 days 10 hours ago
Api: Jordan — 128
Api: Michael — 112
Api: AJ—105
Api: Vincent — 102
Api: Noelle — 92
Api: Robz N/A
Api: Jake N/A
Api: Honey N/A

Lampu— Robert 129
Lampu— Scott 95
Lampu — Kevin 92
Lampu — Alex 83
Lampu— Ryan 80
Lampu — Logan 51
Lampu — Oliver N/A
Lampu— Nolan N/A

It was an extremely close challenge but API wins this challenge by just nine points. Lampu, you guys gave it your best shot but it’s another trip to tribal with me tonight. Good luck!

I know some people couldn’t submit because the challenge wasn’t on mobile. For that, I apologize. I’m learning on the fly just like you guys are and I’ll fix that for the future.

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