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Immunity Challenge #3: Quest For Light | Blood vs Water

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107 days 21 hours ago
Immunity Challenge #3 | QUEST FOR LIGHT

For today’s challenge, I have hidden 25 moon emojis and 25 sun emojis on the SECOND TO LAST blog of random Tengaged Users.

^For clarity, that would be my second to last blog if you are confused as to what that means. Therefore, a moon or sun emoji could be hidden there.

Once you find a moon or sun emoji, you must race to send it to Myself & CarolinaSteele on Tengaged or in your prod chats. If you wait, the other tribe may get it before you. Wherever you choose to send it is fine with me as long as you have the TENGAGED BLOG LINK.

*If you DO NOT provide the tengaged blog link to where you found the moon or sun emoji, that point WILL NOT be counted in your tribe’s score.

**If TWO TRIBE MEMBERS send me the SAME BLOG LINK, that emoji WILL NO LONGER COUNT towards your final score. That’s where tribal communication comes to play.

***These emojis will ALSO NOT BE ON ANY BANNED USERS.

Send links to Myself & CarolinaSteele for it to count (YOU MUST SEND THE BLOG LINK)
If two tribe members send me the same link it will not count
Emojis will not be on banned users.

****If there is somehow a tie, the tribe that sends me their FIRST EMOJI FIRST will win!

SPECIAL NOTE: 6 fragments of a TWIN FLAME ADVANTAGE is hidden on the SECOND TO LAST BLOGS of users, you can claim these in your prod chats! More instructions on what they are are on the blog.

DEADLINE: August 18th at 10:30pm EST
107 days 18 hours ago
Immunity Challenge #3 | QUEST FOR FIRE RESULTS

Artemis: 14 points
Apollo: 19 points

Congratulations Apollo! You have won the immunity challenge, an additional idol clue and are safe from tonight’s tribal council. Artemis, I can’t say the same for you. One of you will become the fourth player sent to Hera’s Wrath

Artemis, you have until 11:30pm EST to send in your kidnapping votes. Then it’ll be revealed who is joining your tribe.
107 days 17 hours ago

Artemis has decided to kidnap JAYSON. Jayson will be going to their tribal council. He will be immune and he will be CASTING A VOTE!

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