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Week 9 Details:

Following Dylan's eviction, it was revealed to the house that the twist inspired by Lukey would involve a special competition that involved houseguests to be manipulative and sneaky. The winner of this competition titled "Riá Rumors" which required houseguests to lie or be honest about rumors they heard, would have the ability to nullify three out of the five votes on eviction night. It would be revealed whose votes would be nullified, but not by who. After the competition finished, the houseguests headed into the backyard to participate in the "Password Protector" Head of Household competition, a two-part competition where houseguests first had to decode passwords from four pictures related to the password in Part I. In Part II, houseguests had to find a certain password that linked certain compound words or phrases. In the end, Eli won the competition and became the new Head of Household.

At the nomination ceremony, Eli nominated Jake and Violet for eviction. Following the nomination ceremony, Freya, Victoria, and Viv were selected to play alongside the Head of Household and nominees in the Power of Veto competition. At the "Click Clank in the Piggy Bank" Power of Veto competition, each houseguest was handed ten coins. Houseguests were then asked to split their ten coins between at least two banks of the six participating houseguests. Whichever houseguest had closest to twenty coins without going over would win the Golden Power of Veto. After each piggy bank was cracked open, Victoria was the closest with thirteen coins, and she won the Power of Veto.

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Victoria saved Jake from eviction. Eli then named Justin as the replacement nominee.

At the live vote and eviction, it was announced that the votes of Freya, Liam, and Victoria would be nullified. Following the announcement, Justin was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 2 to 0. After his eviction, Justin said, "Eli was naive, I don't understand how he can trust someone who was clearly on the other side of the house. It's okay though, I can't blame him. I wasn't a target I believe, I was the only option left for Eli, according to him, so that's the reason I went up. I wish I had been picked for Veto so I had a fighting chance, but, oh well. I didn't feel like the twist played a huge part in my eviction, because I was sure that if I went up, I was going home, no matter how the votes fell. There is nobody really left to root for honestly. I guess Victoria because she's the one person that at the end of the day, didn't do me wrong. I hope to hopefully see Jake fail so the season isn't predictable, and Eli as well for being naive. There wouldn't be much else I could do if I got a second chance besides make maybe better relations with people, I guess? It's clear that people took sides during my previous Head of Household win, so there wasn't much I could do."

Thanks for playing, Justin.

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