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Gryffindor: 10 Points
Grant Hutham, 1st year
Joey Snape, 3rd year
Sara, 3rd year
Kassandra winter, 3rd year
Cameron hass, 4th year
Michael Jones, 3rd year
Tyler jacobson, 1st year

Slytherin: 10 Points
Serena Snape, 5th year
Veronica Malfoy, 2nd year
Klaus Snape, 2nd year, Seeker
Leo Rickett, 1st year
Sam Vander, 5th year
Tom Fowler, 4th year

Hufflepuff: -5 Points
Patria Mcgonagall, 5th year
Romero Chaves, 4th year
Jake Woodward, 5th year
Jade hughs, 6th year

Ravenclaw: 10 Points
Alice Brown, 5th year
Rhiannon Ameson, 2nd year, Beater
Lindsey, 6th year
Andrew Huthman, 3rd year
Alexa Ameson, 1st year
Cameron Mason, 6th year
Richard Drake, 1st year
Mia Jones, 1st year

Shane Mott, Defense of the Dark Arts, Head of Gryfindor
Severus Snape, Potions, Head of Slytherin
Cassidy O'Harra, Herbology, Head of Hufflepuff
Clay Tunbridge, Mythology, Headmaster
Brian Asher, Transfiguration, Head of Ravenclaw
Professor Tweed, Divination
Professor Davidson, Charms

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