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Cinders Games History!

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2754 days 6 hours ago
Big Brother 1: Very Normal Season

It's a house like no other, where 62 cameras follow your every move, and 90 microphones capture your every word. This is Cinder's Official Big Brother. 12 houseguests will enter the Big Brother house to make friends/enemies, and try be the last houseguest left. They will be cut off from the outside world. Every week the house guests compete for food, luxuries, and most important, power. Each week they will evict one of their own, till only one is left standing to claim the grand prize. This Is Big Brother 1... Anything Can Happen!

1: Joe/TheEclipse

Schedule: Game Finished!

BB #1 Placements/Eviction Order:
12TH -Dan/realityabollo (Evicted by a 6-3 vote) (Day 2)
11TH -Ray/Ilikebugs (Evicted by a 6-1 vote) (Day 15)
10TH -Nick/benner_2304 (Evicted by a 4-1 vote) (Day 21)
9TH -Will/willtatum (Evicted by a 35.4 % vote) (Day 23)
8TH -Aaryn/CharlotteArnold (Evicted by a 3-2 vote) (Day 26)
7TH -Chloe/SilentSwordsman (Evicted by a 2-1 vote) (Day 30)
6TH -Eric/EM002 (Quit) (Day 36)
5TH -Branden/thatonepeople (Inactivness) (Day 38)
4TH -Jeff/sam102 (Evicted by a 1-0 vote) (Day 42)
3RD -Nathan/NathBentley (23.9% vote to win) (Day 50)
RUNNER UP - Drack/BBFan5000 Returns To Any Season Of Choice

WINNER -Joe/TheEclipse Returns In All-Stars

IMPORTANT:Comps will be at times when people can make them!


Cinders Big Brother Records:
Most overall HoH wins - TheEclipse (3)
Most overall Veto wins - TheEclipse (2)
Most overall Comp wins - TheEclipse (5)
Most overall Nominations - CharlotteArnold (4)
Most overall Days in the House -NathBentley, TheEclipse and BBFan5000 (50)


(Week #1)
HoH 1 Winner: Will
Post Veto Nominees: Dan and Eric
PoV 1 Winner: Eric
Final Nominees: Dan and Joe
Eviction Vote: Dan (6-3) (Day 2)

(Week #2)
HoH 2 Winner: Joe
Post Veto Nominees: Will and Aaryn
PoV 2 Winner: Joe
Final Nominees:  Will and Aaryn
Eviction Vote: Will (7-1) (Day 7)

(Week #3)
HoH 3 Winner: Nathan
Post Veto Nominees: Aaryn and Jeff
PoV 3 Winner: Nick
Final Nominees: Aaryn and Ray
Eviction Vote: Ray (6-1) (Day 15)

(Week #4)
HoH 4 Winner: Joe
Post Veto Nominees: Aaryn and Branden
PoV 4 Winner: Branden
Final Nominees: Aaryn and Nick
Eviction Vote: Nick (4-1) (Day 21) /Will returns

(Week #5)
HoH 5 Winner: Drack
Post Veto Nominees: Chloe and Aaryn
PoV 5 Winner: Joe
Final Nominees: Jeff and Aaryn
Eviction Vote: Aaryn (3-2) (Day 26)

(Week #6)
HoH 6 Winner: Eric
Post Veto Nominees: Chloe and Jeff
PoV 6 Winner: Drack
Final Nominees: Chloe and Joe
Eviction Vote: Chloe (2-1) (Day 30)

(Week #7)
HoH 7 Winner: Joe
Post Veto Nominees: Eric and Branden
PoV 7 Winner: N/A
Final Nominees: Eric and Branden
Eviction Vote: Eric (Quit) (Day 36)

(Week #8)
HoH 8 Winner: No Power Twist
Post Veto Nominees: Jeff and Joe
PoV 8 Winner: No Power Twist
Final Nominees: Jeff and Joe
Eviction Vote: Jeff (1-0) (Day 42)
2754 days 6 hours ago
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