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292 days 13 hours ago
Welcome to the final of Besties! You have beaten the other teams in order to make this far. This final mission will consist of multiple challenges in order to decide the winner. Good luck!

This final will be point based. Each checkpoint is worth 15 total points. You will get points based off of how well you do in each checkpoint.
First place: 8 points
Second place: 5 points
Third place: 2 points

There will be 5 different checkpoints that are needed to be completed in order to finish this game. Once all 5 are completed by all 3 of you I will reveal the results!

You can complete the checkpoints in any order that you want. BUT there will be 2 individual challenges that must be done by 1 member each. So 1 member can not do both individual challenges.
292 days 13 hours ago
Counting Up

This competition will take place in Tengaged mails.

When you are ready, you will be mailing the phrase:

Sends In Mail #?? To LittleMix

Your mails need to be in numerical order starting with 1 and counting up until you get to your 75th mail.

Once you start this mission, it cannot be paused. If you make a mistake while sending in your mails, it will result in an immediate disqualification from the challenge, no redos or backtracking.

You must send in the official phrase as I have it with the number sign and correct number. If you do not use the official phrase, how I have it, you miscount, or you do not alternating mailing me, then you have made a mistake.

The person who finishes this leg the fastest will be rewarded the most points. Followed by 2nd and 3rd place.
292 days 13 hours ago
Press Your Luck

This game is luck-based. It will involve the chatzy randomizer, so keep that in mind.
The game is separated into 3 rounds: a beginning round, a main round, and a bonus round

ROUND 1: Beginning Round
The round will start with 10 points options randomized, and 0 whammies for the first 2 spins. If you choose to keep going after that, each spin will have one more whammy than there were before. You may stop this round and bank your points whenever you want. If you hit a whammy at all, you lose all the money you’ve gotten for the round, and are forced to stop the round.

ROUND 2: Main Round
This round will start with a choice. You may either take a guaranteed 5 spins, or you may opt for a chance at more spins for this round. If you go for more spins, you could end up getting anywhere from 2-8 spins for that round. Once the number of spins is determined, you can spin up to that number spins in this round (but you can stop and bank at any time). If you hit a whammy, the points you got so far in this round will be lost, but you can keep going.

There will always be 2 whammies and 7 points (and 1 bonus) options no matter what in this round.

ROUND 3: Bonus Round
Throughout the beginning and main rounds, there will be some options that say ‘BONUS’. If you hit one of those, you will be allowed to do the bonus round. If you do not, your game will end after the main round. The bonus round will have very high point values, and NO WHAMMIES. For each ‘BONUS’ you hit, you will be allowed 1 spin in this round.

This will be done one at a time in a private chatzy so no one will know your score unless you tell them.

When you are ready to compete please PM me on skype, and I will link you to a chatzy where the competition will begin.

The player with the HIGHEST score will win this mission and be have immunity from the Duel as well as starting the order. In the event of a tie, the player who incurred less Whammies will win. If that is a tie, then player who earned more money in less spins win. If that ties, then I will use your placement from the last mission to break the tie.

I also need your new lists by the same time the results are being posted. If you do not have a list sent to me you will receive the penalty.
292 days 13 hours ago
Checkpoint 3-  DUO CHALLENGE
Flash Frenzy

You and your partner need to play these 3 flash games and submit scores based off of the screenshot that has been used throughout the season.

These are the games you will be playing:

The team that has the combined highest score on each of the games will get the most points, followed by 2nd and 3rd.
292 days 13 hours ago
Count Off.

You will be given (via Tengaged mails) a series of questions which will fall under the following categories:

-MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals (1 2 and 3)
-General Trivia
-Mix’s Group Games: Besties

The answer to each question will be a number. Your goal is to figure out the answer to each question, then add all of those numbers together, and mail the answer to each question as well as your combined answer.

You get only ONE answer submission for this challenge which must include your answer to each question AND the sum of all the answers from each question. All submissions must be made via Tengaged mails. If you submit an answer without including the sum of all the numbers, then I will do the math for you based on each answer you submit, but you will be issued a 30 minute time penalty in return.

Your score will be your time from the time the questions are sent out until you respond back with your answers. You will earn a 2 minute time penalty for each incorrect answer. The penalty for each number you are off on your number for the final number will be 1 minute added to your time.

The player who completes this challenge in the fastest amount of time will win the most points followed by 2nd and 3rd.
292 days 13 hours ago
Checkpoint 5- DUO CHALLENGE
Shakey Situation

You and your partner will stand on slanted pedestals opposite sides of each other holding hands to give each other balance. You must hold onto each other to keep balanced.

You and your partner will make a thread titled: Final NAME/NAME

You and your partner must post the phrase;
to stay on the pedestal. This must be done every 10 minutes. After 30 minutes it cuts down to every 5 minutes. After 30 minutes of that it cuts down to 1 minute. You will do this for another 30 minutes.

If you make a mistake you will get a tick. The team with the least amount of ticks will win this checkpoint followed by 2nd and 3rd place.
287 days 17 hours ago
We will start with Checkpoint 5.
287 days 17 hours ago
287 days 17 hours ago
BOBROCKS333 & J2999 - 2 ticks
FighterMan & IceBeast - Did not compete
BrittBritt & Sam_Hamwich - 2 ticks

This challenge really was just a mess sorry! But I will be splitting points 6/6/3 for this one
287 days 17 hours ago
BOBROCKS333 & J2999 - 6
FighterMan & IceBeast - 2
BrittBritt & Sam_Hamwich - 6

Sorry I meant 6/6/2
287 days 17 hours ago
We will go to Checkpoint 4 now
287 days 17 hours ago
1. What episode in Rivals 1 were Evan & Nehemiah eliminated?
2. How many times did Kenny and Wes win their Jungle in season 1 of Rivals?
3. In Rivals 2, how many challenges did Emily & Paula win?
4. In Rivals 2, what episode did Trey & Zach get eliminated?
5. In Rivals 3, how many teams quit, were DQd or removed for medical problems?
6. What year did Elvis Presley die?
7. How many points does a compass have?
8. How many digits are connected to most humans right foot?
9. How many correct rotations did Matt and Cam get in the 5th Jungle?
10. In the 3rd Jungle, how many total points were picked from chests?
6 2 7 5 4 1977 32 5 102 58
287 days 17 hours ago
BOBROCKS333 & J2999 -  5 min 10 sec but had 2 wrong so they received a final time of 9m10s
FighterMan & IceBeast - 6m06s
BrittBritt & Sam_Hamwich - 6m42s but got 1 wrong and missed the final number by 1. Final time of 9m42s
287 days 17 hours ago
will i -
287 days 17 hours ago
BOBROCKS333 & J2999 - 11
FighterMan & IceBeast - 10
BrittBritt & Sam_Hamwich - 8
287 days 17 hours ago
Checkpoint 3

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