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#NTM18 - Challenge & Photoshoot (5)

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19 hours 24 min ago
Happy holidays everyone!

I’m back for more comments, and I can’t wait to see you all kill it!
19 hours 6 min ago
Can't wait to see coments
18 hours 54 min ago
Tanya - My lord what a gorgeous outfit. Every detail is so intricate, and I especially love the shadow of the hat over your face. Fabulous. I wish this was a full body shot because I’m missing a piece of the hat and the rest of the legs, but otherwise, this is fantastic.

Morgan - I believe part of the assignment was to be solo, so I’m a little confused. This photo feels too pedestrian and isn’t really showing off the dress, it’s all hidden. I just don’t think you nailed the assignment.

Sasha - The color story is subtle yet effective. I also wish you showed more body then just the torso up. I’m not sure if I like this face expression, my guess is we’re going for a bit whimsical but this picture didn’t quite take me where I wanted to go.

Luka - A major improvement since last time I saw you. This is creative way to take up space in a frame and show off your body. The plunging neckline is also quite effective and really commands attention to the jewelry you’re wearing. My only critique is that sometimes you look bored, and I would like to see a little more adjustment in the face expressions. That’ll help you get to the next level.

Lei - The pose is effective while not being too distracting. I think you have been able to show off the details of the outfit in a tasteful manner and it’s a good shot.

Shanina - Personally, I find this photo to be mesmerizing. There’s so much drama and mystery in this. It’s very enticing. That being said, there’s a movement of accepting blurring pictures in magazines and there’s also traditionalists in the industry that believe a blurry shot is practically an abomination. For me, as art is subjective, I love seeing things in movement and this shot gives that to me, but be careful about submitting blurry shots in the future for other judges.

Malaika- the innocence in this photo is amazing. So simple, and I really feel like you’ve captured a slice of your life in this photo, and that’s what this industry is about, capturing moments and selling them to the consumer. Well done.

He Cong - I got nothing to critique, this shot is beautiful and you know you’re getting. A high score from me

Reece - The black glove contrasted with the colorful top is the #MOMENT ! I loved this, and although I can’t see the outfit, I don’t care, I’m buying that glove and ring combo

Jourdan - C’MON LEG! This photo is dramatic as well, I’m not sure if the brightness would work for a cover, as it may be too busy to sell, but it’s still breath taking

Nyle - I uhhhh, may need to keep this photo... for research purposes... it’s hot babe, keep this up... for science 😁

Barbie - Quite the alternative choice here. I’m both uncomfortable yet also intrigued and I think that’s the real appeal here. You invoke emotion out of me, and if that’s not the real goal of a cover, tell me what is. Good work.

Naystia- The contrast of skin tones is effective, but I don’t quite understand the purpose. I know you said it’s a bout racism, but are you saying black people dislike albinism? Putting the political message to the side, I don’t think this is a strong submission for a cover, still visually stimulating, but it would be a hard sell.
18 hours 49 min ago
*blows kisses*

Cong: Thank you!!!
18 hours 27 min ago
Judge Garrett (wasn't able to do the comments for the "waves" participants):

He Cong (humanwebjet1): He, I agree with VOGUE a statement has to be made and with your shot here a statement was made. I love the use of colors correlation between the dress and the scenery behind you.

Jourdan Dunn (txashaun): Jourdan, I don't know this may be one of my favorites. I love the use of colors with the dress and scenery behind you. I think this is for sure something I could see on the cover of VOGUE.

Luka Sabbat (coolKat): Luka, I think you had the right idea however something was off. With GQ Magazine men typically are in suits and tie and very formal. I do know times have evolved however with your shot something was missing for me to clearly say yes this is something I could see on the cover of GQ.

Malaika Firth (spinfur): Malaika, I’m gonna have to disagree with you. Harper’s Bazaar is the opposite of what your description says. Harpers Bazaar is all about high fashion, there’s nothing simple about Bazaar’s covers. For me what would’ve made this shot better and scream Harpers Bazaar is if you had on an orange very exaggerated gown holding the oranges in your hand. Harpers Bazaar is high fashion with some type of out-of-the-ordinary element included to make it stand out and for me, the clothing here isn’t that but the orange could’ve been a great accessory.

Nastya Zhidkova (jfaia): TIMES magazine is indeed bringing light to the current climate in the world. I love the idea and even the shot isn’t bad. The hand over the mouth threw me off at first but overall this is a very solid shot.

Reece King (IceBear): Reece, I like that you chose to bring something different and you for sure had a great idea however the photo is a little too cropped, I wish we would’ve gotten just a little more.

Sasha Pivovarova (nateclove): Sasha, I believe this shot exemplifies the adjectives of Harpers Bazaar. With Harpers Bazaar it’s always high fashion with a hint of something unusual and with your shot I see all of those things.

Shanina Shaik (hazbez94): I don’t like the blurriness of the shot however I guess the gown is the main focal point of the photo. For me, this is very solid.

Tanya Dziahileva (Sebbers): Tanya, This shot is very solid it’s for sure something I could see being on the cover of VOGUE. It is high fashion, the pose and facial expression look great so overall great job!

Wang Yibo (SeongWoo): Wang, Your shot is very bold with the red background it for sure gets my attention or any person who may see the cover, attention. With Harpers Bazaar as opposed to something like GQ, Harpers Bazaar isn’t suit and tie its high fashion but your version of high fashion.
18 hours 13 min ago
Jon: Wow. My brother, Jhona, ate in the example you used, Jerard. I’m excited to see what everyone brings.

Tanya – you look pretty and I like your angles in this photo. I can see this being in vogue italia.
Sasha - This honestly doesn't seem as striking as a lot of Harper's Bazaar photos I've seen. But, I still think you looking straight at the camera, resting your arm, and your wardrobe is very Harper's Bazaar.
Luka - This is such a strong GQ photo! Not  only do I see confidence, sexiness, and a suit, but this looks like a STRONG GQ photo. Nice job.
Yibo - This is VERY Harper's Bazaar.  I love how you stuck true to your magazine, while still adding a fire that makes this a striking photo. This may be my favorite shot of you. Great work.
Shanina - I didn't think you'd be able to pull such an interesting photo out there. I like the angling of the face and your expression. This is a step up from last week.
Malaika - You're right! Harper's Bazaar is very much about engaging the audience effortlessly, but it also is about the larger than life wardrobe (like Sasha and Yibo had); so I have to agree with Jerard there. I still think this is an amazing photo, but only a good and not great choice for this theme.
Morgan - idk how you got into this competition! Vogue has a lot of wedding photos, so this works alright, but I don't think you're giving much more than your wardrobe.
Reece - I love how you went down this route. GQ does photos like this quite a bit and I just think you look stunning, sexy, and all around nailed this theme. When a model inspires me to follow their instagram, that's how you know they sold me. Nice job.
Jourdan - I hate the lighting of this photo since I can't see enough of your beautiful face. Besides that, I love how you went very specific and I think this accurately represents vogue.
Nyle - you're an attractive man, but we already know this. This photo's a good portrayal of a Gay Times Magazine, but it doesn't excite me as much as the models still in the competition.
Barbie - I think I'm the judge that loves you the most lmao. And, this is why! You constantly deliver to me and just always give glamour so effortlessly.
Cong - girl always giving what need to be gave. Nothing more to say. Stellar!
Nastya - the queen of taking risks! This looks like Time Magazine done the Nastya way and I'm here for it. The only issue is I think we had a strong set of photos this week and I'm not sure if a neck up photo with most of your face covered gives us enough.
17 hours 23 min ago

Tanya (Vogue) - I like this shot, it captures high fashion and vintage as well. It speaks loud enough to be the cover of Vogue. The facial expressions, the body pose, just gorgeous. Though with the hat covering major parts of your face in shadow, which I actually haven't seen much of that incident, but that's about it. Well done!

Morgan (People) - Well you kinda literally took on the challenge, while this was definitely a legit "People" spread/page I would have wanted for you to take on the challenge and not go the easier way out, especially since you want to come back in this competition. That said, the photo was okay and I don't know if it will stand out from the crowd tonight. 

Sasha (Bazaar) - First of all, your make up looks gorgeous, I do wish that palette would go all the way through with the setting and the whole color for this shot. Anyway, I do kinda picture this going along with the likes of Bazaar, they may have had some "extra" outfits but the model is still the center of the shot and that's what you did.

Luka (GQ) - I actually like this shot, Yes I do see where you are going through and how it goes along with the style GQ is mostly goes with. I see the three words you've put in your explanation and I can say you tick all the boxes, confidence, check! Sexy, check! and of course Suit, check! Great job!

Yibo (Bazaar) - (You typed as Lei again) Anyway what an effort with the edit, it did help you since we actually got a picture with the magazine you pick and I must say it looks like it's right, it does need to be featured on the cover. Your past few weeks have been rough but I must say with this shot, you'll be able to once again go with the higher ranks this week.

Shanina (Vogue) - I do find this shot very interesting, it is something different from what we usually see you. And I appreciate that. Now, I agree with Judge Witos while some would appreciate that you do need to present your face clearly in a photo, for me it doesn't always apply. It does if you're going with beauty shot but here, with your shot, it felt right.
17 hours 23 min ago
Malaika (Bazaar) - I am with you on your statement with magazine covers, I feel like a solid background would be better and just make readers go straight to you. I really like this shot, I believe I can see this not just specifically with Bazaar, I can see this going well with beauty magazine as well. The editing looks fantastic, but the facial expression drew me in.

Cong (Vogue) - I liked this shot, it is a statement. I think this was your week considering how the judges' reacted with your photoshoot, and I agree with everything that they stated. While I must also say that I think you getting a page/spread out of the Vogue China magazine was quite of a bummer, you however did the assignment and presented us quality.

Reece (GQ) - Another statement made by Reece. This shot is simply, well not simply but extravagantly eye-capturing. You sold that ring and that glove pretty well. I agree with Judge Witos statement about this, but I do wanna say I agree with Judge Marlon too, this being less cropped would be more impactful.

Malaika (Vogue) - Gorgeous, while I love colorful magazine covers, the monochromatic magazine covers hits different, and also is pretty much my liking. Now the pose is simply striking, but I do wanna repeat with what every judge said tonight with the lighting aspect of this shot - could have been better.

Nyle (Gay Times) - Firstly, I don't know if you quite did the assignment considering Gay Times wasn't on the pool of magazine I did presented. Now going beyond that, your performance this week was pretty solid - definitely a level up with the first time we saw you in NTM18. I do wish you could have not presented both times, late.

Barbie (Rolling Stones) - Well finally something different. With the majority going with Bazaar and Vogue, I appreciate you choosing differently. Barbie, your performance this week is pretty good, I see vintage pretty much with the setting, the tone and the editing. This is just fantastic.

Nastya (Time) - Well this was definitely a risk. You and taking risks, have been quite a ride Nastya, however with this, I can say it was worth it. Now, this is very eye-catching, well it's political. While I find this shot good, with the majority of strong photos I believe this wasn't up on that level yet.
17 hours 23 min ago
(sorry for the delay)
17 hours 22 min ago
17 hours 20 min ago
*Cong lines up with her fellow models*
17 hours 19 min ago
Thanks for the critiques judges.

I didn't see a critique from Jerard for Jourdan though 🤔
17 hours 18 min ago
(oh wow it was cut out)
17 hours 17 min ago
oh wait I accidentally had Malaika twice.
17 hours 16 min ago
*Jourdan (Vogue) - Gorgeous, while I love colorful magazine covers, the monochromatic magazine covers hits different, and also is pretty much my liking. Now the pose is simply striking, but I do wanna repeat with what every judge said tonight with the lighting aspect of this shot - could have been better.

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