Caia's Drag Off Season

This is a weekly competition to during the off seasons of Caia's Drag Race.

Here's how it works:
There's no official cast. Anyone can join in and compete as they like. However, each participant must complete the challenge, offer critiques of all the queens, and vote.

1) Sundays by 11:59pm EST a new runway theme will be announced by the previous winner.

2) All participants will create an avatar of their choosing that fits the theme. All submissions must be submitted by Wednesday 11:59pm EST to me PRIVATELY.

3) By Thursday 11:59pm EST the runway video will be posted and all submissions will be available to critique. Each participant MUST provide a critique for each photo and post them publicly in the thread. Also, each participant MUST rank all the queens from BEST to WORST and send me their rankings privately as well. All critiques and rankings are due by Sunday 12pm EST. Anyone can critique and rank without submitting, but if you want to win the contest, you are required to submit and critique/rank. YOU MAY NOT RANK YOURSELF.

4) On Sunday 3pm EST all results will be posted and we will crown a winner and then revert to step 1 for the following contest.

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  1. Week 2: Cringe Theme Runway Music275 days 10 hours ago
  2. Week 1: Gold Theme Runway Music282 days 13 hours ago

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Caia's Drag Off Season

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