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  1. kingdomheartsloverOh well thanks Matty I thought you hated me xD thanks I need the luck xD
  2. jessjessxEvicted cutieamy
  3. matty1982What r u on about gl dude
  4. kingdomheartsloverWell that's fine and understandable so yeah I don't hate you either but Matty is just being pissy about it so oh well I hope that I am not evicted this week because I am not ready to go home yet but it has been fun playing with these people :)
  5. dolphinsoccer4I don't hate u, but if I vote u along with other people, the person I want to stay will most likely be safe over you.
  6. kingdomheartsloverI love all my haters
  7. matty1982King
  8. dolphinsoccer4Evicting khl
  9. kingdomheartsloverNice Matty Thanks very much I didn't even want you out last week I didn't even vote for you so oh well what am I going to do but Dolphin seriously why me yeah you want ONE of them to stay but cmon now you saw someone vote for me its because I nominated him and he wasn't even my target so I don't get the hard feelings but oh well its a game so no matter what I am glad I got to join this game and I have enjoyed playing with you people its been a real pleasure and Matty I hope you know I don't hate you and maybe we can work together in the future if I get evicted :)
  10. dolphinsoccer4Kindom B/c I saw someone already voted for them and I really want one of these nominees to stay
  11. matty1982Kingdomheartslover

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